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so this came out this morning, and it's official... I'm now going to have to re-watch every BTS MV looking for clues lol.
this clip of V cutting his hair from the Danger MV was in Stigma hinting that everything is actually all connected.
I have so much work to do!! I wonder how this will affect everyone's theories. but listening to what Rap Mon was saying in the beginning of this new video, I'm starting to see the point of those saying it's just about them growing up and that no one has died... but I'm thinking maybe it's a combination of the two. maybe they just killed their old selves... but this video is a continuation of what happened in I Need U and Run. V is facing the consequences of his actions making me think those things actually did happen...
ugh idk I'm so confused and everyone has so many theories!!! and BigHit just loves making us go crazy smh.
I just hope they tell us all what's going on at some point. But until then...
What are your theories?? Has this changed anything??