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I don't know if you know, but I'm a sucker for dogs. Any kind of dog, they can be big or small I really don't care. so we all know ( at least the older exoL do) about the exo members dogs
First we have Kai's dogs,Monggu,Jjanggu and Jjangah. We haven't really seen Kai's dogs since Exo Showtime and honestly I'm wondering where they are
Then we have the sassy Vivi who belongs to Sehun. I love vivi! I'm not sure if vivi is a boy or girl but I love him/her because I have never seen anyone out sass sehun
Next is Tao's dog Candy. Out of all the dogs I think candy is the cutest because she is so small and fluffy. I also think that candy is the only thing (besides his parents) that Tao loves more than himself
Then we have Baek's dog Mongryoung I don't really know alot about baek's dog but it's still really cute
Lastly, is this Adorable baby that chanyeol posted on his Instagram a little while ago. I don't know the name Also i think its fake but it's so cute!!!! *Update* The name is Choco
@Starbell808 I know that, but it's still really cute
but Chanyeols is so fucking cute OMG if that was his ID date him just for the damn dog
vivi is a boy 馃槝馃槡
I believe Chanyeol mentioned that he's allergic to animals when they went to China and the members interacted with a cat in a pet shop
my nickname is vivi lol
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