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ok so you know how all of us Armies are trying to figure out what these videos mean. we also know that they are coming out with a 2nd full length album. Well I belive that the boys are going to tie Dark and Wild with HYYH albums together. In video 3 with Taehyung we see both Danger mv and I Need U with Run put together. I have watch theory videos to where all 3 mvs are tired together in some way.
Jimin's video ties with I NEED U and RUN. I have yet to figure out the connection with Danger. The only things that I have seen is the piano.
With Jungkook it definitely shows the tie with Danger and I NEED U and RUN. We also know that the videos show far share something in common and that is Herman Hesse Demian. this is just what my mind is thinking after watching Taehyung's video. if you all like to share on what you think comment below.
I'm glad I'm not crazy because quite honestly when I saw the piano burning in Jungkook's short film I automatically thought of danger but no one else was saying anything about it. With Taehyung's short film it becomes obvious that Danger mv is somehow tied to all of this as well. There must be some significance to the burning piano because in almost all of their mvs something is burning. At first I thought it was just because they liked the concept of fire in their mvs but the further along we go their seems to be some sort of significance to some of the things they burn.
What's the connection to Danger in Jimin's video? The piano?
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@CLAKPOP it's the piano as well. it shows up burning in both Jungkook's and Jimin's short films