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While many people view freckles as an aberration or blemish, my response is the opposite. I find them enchanting, unique, even exotic. More than once, while photographing for this series, a model thanked me for making something beautiful out of what they often viewed as a flaw.—Fritz Liedtke Whether capturing the awkwardness of adolescence, life on a coffee farm, or fairytale tableaus set in fire-scorched forests, the work of Portland-based photographer Fritz Liedtke tends towards a dreamy grace tinged with an unremitting gaze. For his series Astra Vellum, Liedtke sings the praises of “flawed human skin, with its freckles and scars, overlaid upon us like a thin veil of stars,” for which the series was named. Hand-printed by Liedtke, he brings the images to luminescent life by photogravure, a technique all but lost to photography since the advent of silver-gelatin printing. The complicated intaglio process of photogravure relies heavily on texture, making it the perfect ally to compliment skin swathed in stars.