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The Korean pop groups under SM Entertainment have recently returned from an agency-wide workshop in Hawaii. But then, footage showed EXO Chanyeol with his bandaged arm while leaving the premises of Incheon International Airport on September 1. It seemed that EXO singers have been involved in a chain of physical injuries lately. As recalled, Kai has been hurt during a concert performance. Because of that, the label announced that he was advised to rest so he can recuperate from the ankle injury. After Kai, International Business Times India reported bandmate Park Chanyeol apparently injured his arm during the trip to Hawaii. In the photos, the singer displayed his bandaged right forearm as he held it close to his chest. While making his way to the ocean of paparazzi, the 23-year-old star seemed to be silent and in pain. He kept his arm protected but remained mum to the media present at the airport. Furthermore, the singer’s injury might have happened while the group was in Hawaii, although in the snaps he posted from the trip, his right arm was bandage-free. On the other side, it has been noted that 350 SM Town’s members and artists joined the workshop. To this point, SM Entertainment has not released an official statement concerning Chanyeol’s injury. It has not been clear either how serious it is. It has also been a question now  if the singer will back out of the Lotto promotions, although there has been no confirmation yet. Even if the singer stayed mum about his injury, EXO fans showed their concern for him. They expressed their thoughts on Twitter as they hoped that he would recuperate soon. Officially Kmusic reported that netizens were previously touched by the good deed of EXO Chanyeol towards a stray cat. Photos of the singer circulated on social media. He was photographed while squatting and feeding a stray cat on the street of Yeonnam-dong.
Aww I hope he is okay.