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Pick a color
Okay everybody I'm back with a new game called pick a color. This game is about again kpop stars. but know normally I would do groups bit not this time. I'm going to give you right different pictures of rainbow colors just like the one above. you have to find out who you have. I will tell what to do in the next card bit for right now it's colors times. and you know my rules once you pick one you cannot change them okay so let's have fun lol..
if you want to tag people to play the game you can and if you know me my games are always interesting. lol well have fun and pick your rainbow colors
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okay what is next?
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@JacksonWangxme I am not on your tag list look tag me in the card when you gave me the link. add me to the taglist..馃槅
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did you see my other card
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