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Today, is the day 4 years ago that Cory decided to stumble into my heart.



β₯ 24K Officially Debuted Sept 8, 2012

{They Released their MV 3 days before β™‘}

β₯ Before they were 24K though, it was just 4K. A subunit of power vocals.

Consisted of: Cory, Kisu, Sungoh, Seok June.

ChoEun Entertainment decided to release the Kraken {AKA Daeil} To murder the hearts of Fangirls, everywhere. It has worked, no heart has gone untouched.

Hence, 24K was born.

{2 dancing machines and four main vocals}

β₯ Polliwow/Hurry Up

They are such little babes here.

β₯ U R So Cute

{July 2013}

β˜†β˜† This is where the Krakken decided to kill everyone β™‘

β₯ Hey You {April 12 2015}

β˜†β˜† The lineup changed, Seok June and Byungho left. Two new members, Jeonguk & Jinhong, were introduced. Jinhong becoming the new Maknae β™‘

β˜†β˜† He had his start in AA

β₯ Superfly {September 30 2015}

This was my favorite song by them. Their dancing is on point.

β₯ Still 24K

Lineup again, bringing two new members Changsun and HongSeop to light. They are Dance majors. These two were already backup dancers for 24K, so they made them members officially.

Before I begin I want to clear up a few things for everyone on the Daeil & Sungoh Matter.

Yes: Daeil and Sungoh didn't participate this comeback

No: They didn't leave 24K. Sungoh injured his shoulder the latter part of last year, beginning this year. He is about to enlist in the military, so that has a lot to do with his absence.

Daeil: He is still 24K. He, nor ChoEun, has not released any info on Daeil being a former member. He is a busy guy. When he's not doing things for 24K, he's collaborating with other Choreographers. I imagine he was worn down and wanted personal time off.


β™‘ YakPak β™‘

β™‘ Fellow 24U β™‘

If you would like to be added to anything 24K related, please leave a comment below!!

I love 24k!!! β€β€πŸ’–πŸ’–β€β€ I was so happy with their comeback!!!
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mine too! 😁
μΆ•ν•˜ν•΄ 24k!!!! I miss Daeil but Jeunguk is keeping me in good company XD
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I know! Im waiting in the shadows.....