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❧ So today. . .As Resident Jenissi, I will be honoring my love Jenissi with pic spams. I'm still heated. Probably will be heated for a while.

❧ Jenissi is Topp booboo.

❧ Jenissi's Smile is the best.

❧ How anyone could hate him is beyond me. .

❧ Jenissi is amazing, and no matter what I will always be #TeamJenissi

❧ Jenissi we love you. ♡ I love you. Please stay strong. I and your fans will always love you ♡

ღ Topp Klass Mod and Support ღ

♡ Topp Klass ♡

♡ YakPak ♡

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Jenissi is just being real. There is nothing wrong with that. Go Team Jenissi ❤
Boom. You're correct. That's why I love him! ♡♡