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There are some major story details in this card, so if you have not watched Guilty Crown, but want to follow along with the challenge, I'd suggest you skip this card and come back to it when you've watched it. You have been warned. Thanks! :)

Throughout Guilty Crown's plot there have been some great moments, and then there were THOSE moments. the ones that you can never forget just because of how awesome of they were. And I'm proud to say that Guilty Crown does have those moments, with some being sad, some romantic, and some just plain epic. This one I had a harder time with most. In fact the choice was so hard that I ended up going with......*suspense builds*

A TIE! (XD So predictable)

Thaaat's right, I went with a tie! These moments were so perfect, I couldn't bear to pick one over the other. So let's show 'em off!

MOMENT #1 - Shu unleashes HIS OWN Void!

For my first moment, I picked a pretty bad-ass scene from the later half of the series. Throughout Guilty Crown, we've seen Shu use 'The Power of The King' (that Tattoo thing you see on his hand at 1:34 in the video) to pull out those crazy weapons known as Voids (the psyches of people he interacts with given a material form). However, until that moment, we never knew what HIS Void might look like. What could it do? How OP would it be? And we got those answers in the most spectacular way possible: A bad-ass fight scene! One last thing......THAT MUSIC THO

P.S - I know the audio isn't synced up right with the animation, that's how the video originally was. Sorry :(

Moment #2 - Epilogue

If Shu using his Void for the first time was the sum of all the epic moments in this series, then this, this moment right here, is the sum of every ounce of emotion that this series has. The fact that after the hellish events of surviving the Apocalypse basically, that what remains of Shu's friends are still friends, and leading happy lives amazes me. And to put the icing on top, they all gather to celebrate Hare's birthday, even though she herself can't join them. Then in walks Shu himself. The fact that he is blind (*spoilers* When Inori saved him by dying in his place, he took in her blindness through his Void) took me by surprise a little bit, but I rolled with it. Then I heard Inori's song, and that final scene popped up......I was crying for a good couple of minutes there. It's that powerful.

But anyways, that wraps up this part of my Guilty Crown Challenge! Hope you all enjoyed it and I hope to see you guys tomorrow for Favorite Pair/Ship! (Note: for that topic I'm opening it up to include fanships, to give myself a little more material to work with)

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