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Beautiful Liar (Vixx FanFic Book 3)

Chapter 3 ************* ~Person's P.O.V~ "Ring a-round the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down." "Father!!! Father!!! Look what I found" my youngest son came in with a dead animal in his hands. His chelsea girn was reopened and bloody as it stretched out to his ears. "That is nice my son" I patted his head and smiled at him. My oldest son was sitting on the couch with a knife in his hand. I have told him many times not to play with them but he doesn't listen. He was looked like a normal guy but his eye were two different color. One was a sliver blue and the other was a gem green color. I could never figure out how his eyes didn't turn red. He like to torture people by skinning them alive. Which was fine with me. In the corner I had my twin boys. They never left each other side, they never talked unless they talked in unison. They had their own secert language that the other knows what they were saying. Most of the time, I find them writing in blood either its their blood or their victims blood. "Ring a-round the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes!!!! Ashes!!!! We all fall down." My daughter singed around the small table. She had a mind of a five year old. Her eyes were silver. Her mind was mentally insane when I saved her as a kid during a virus that was going around her town. On her first week with me she watched some kids going around in a circle sing ring a-round the rosie. When she killed the kids, she started to sing it too as it came to be her favorite. I was a priest for the king and queen but they were killed by me and my kids. I wasn't pleased by the king and queen. That night we were all going to kill the royal family but before we could get to the brothers JaeSun and his crew came rushing in. So my son's, daughter and I fleed the castle to hide in an old abandoned chruch that was once owned by the humans. "Father, Father play ring a-round the rosie with me." My daughter held onto my arm and gave me a pouty lip and doggie eyes. "Later my dear? Tell Father how was your hunt" I knew she went hunting. After being skeptical about them being out on their own they obey when I say not to kill anyone unless I tell them too. "A hunter, she was trying to kill me, but brother saved me by making a noise so the hunter could be distracted." She told me. I always sent them out by two's. My daughter and oldest son. The twins together. Then my youngest son and I. "Well I'm bless that you two made it safe. I said ruffling her hair as she went back to playing by herself. I sat down in the chair behind the desk as I watched my kids. I was trying to plan our next move to kill the princes. I heard that they have grown stronger and killed two clans because of their mates. But my first move was to find that butler and kill him because he knew that it was I, who killed the king and queen. I tapped my fingers on the desk and went into deep thoughts. ~Lei P.O.V~ I woke up with a crick in my neck. I tried to stretch it out. I fell asleep when I was reviewing the folder I got from the council. I stood up as I let the papers fall to the floor. I stretched my whole body. I turned around to see Ravi's bed empty. Did he not want to come  to his room knowing I was going to be here. I picked up the papers, stuffing them in the folder again. I walked myself out of the room. My mouth was dry so I went to the kitchen to get me a drink. When I stepped in, I saw N and Ravi sitting there at the nook of the kitchen, talking. Ravi body stiffened as he watched me. I got a cup out and poured me some water in it. I gulped it down as I felt Ravi's eyes on me. "Lei, how was the hunt?" N asked. "Disappointing" I said to him, setting the cup in the sink. "Do you know anything about a black rose with a pentagram in the middle of the rose?" Asking them. They seem to take a moment and think. "It sounds familiar but I have to say that I don't. Well not to my best acknowledge, I don't. Why do you ask?" "The female that I was hunting tonight had silver eyes and a mark like your guys but it was a black rose that wrapped around her wrist and a pentagram inside the rose. The information that I have of her doesn't add up." "May we see?" N asked. I nod moving my hair behind my ear. I held out the folder. He opened it and started laying all the papers out. "Hmm" he hummed as Ravi looked the papers. I sat myself down in the extra chair that was at the nook table. "I see what you mean. There is no personal information, only the kills she did. I guess theres some research to do then." "Yes, thats what I plan on doing." I told N as he nod. We all stared at the papers until N got up and left the kitchen. "You didn't hurt badly when fighting her did you?" He asked me in his husky voice. Hearing him talk to me sent chills down my body. "Not to bad. I had worse" I said think all the times I fought along my brothers. There was a loud bang on the table that made me jump. Snapping myself out of my thoughts, I saw Ravi's hand shaking in rage. Did he think I meant by worse was him. "Ravi...I didn't mean it like that" I said softly. I could feel my body trying to shake but I tried not to show it infront of him. "Of course you didn't mean me" snarling his words at me. Papers flew off the table as I was pinned up against the wall in the kitchen. Gasping at the impact of the wall and him pressed up against me. I could hear my pants. His touch radiate against mine, sending the tingles through my skin. "Do you think I'm worse then the others you fought against?" Heart beating faster as I tried to think. I swallowed on my saliva as I looked into his eyes. "No your not the worse vampire I faced." I told him as memory of my brother Daeil and I stayed at our grandfather house where a vampire took my grandfather and my brother life but only left me to survive. He pound his fist against the wall near my ear.  He threw himself off me and had his back faced me. I could see his shoulders moving in big motions as he kept taking in deep breathes to calm himself down. I reached my hand out towards him. Gently put my hand on his shoulder. What I didn't expect was him to pin me back against the wall with his lips sealed on mine.
You write such beautiful stories. They have such meaning behind the characters, their pasts are dark and mysterious, and the way they can only get help from finding their mates...that's beautiful. Great, great job, Unnie! (I'm learning Korean and I recently learned that, to younger girls, an older sister or close ~girl~ friend, is called an Unnie.) <3
Yes you can call me Unnie ^_^ thank you for such a wonderful comment 😄😄😄 I try my best to write something meaningful. Im glad your enjoying reading my stories ^_^
Of course!!
Oooooh! Spicy
Well that last bit was unexpected. I like it! ☺️ So curious to see what happens next!
Yes it was 😂😂😂😂
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