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I know you “LOVE” to go around and knocking bathroom doors
Here is two of your favorite things “GD x Toilet”
I am sure it “please” you!!
Yes, you are alone on this, but don’t worry I won’t judge you.
Please enjoy (my “once” innocent Kwonnie) Don’t Worry your PRIDE is always safe with me!!! Did this out of “True LOVE”!!
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I'm kinda salty but not fully salty because those gifs were cute...And ONE OF THEM HAD LOKI IN IT ❤❤ But I'm and innocent child....and it's okay JTOP I understand.... bathrooms are great ...I won't judge you ☕🐸👌 #BathroomSquad❤❤
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Blocked for good ↥↥↥↥↥Creeper↥↥↥↥↥