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For those of you who wanted the sequel here it is..
and if you haven't read the first pt click here
The nights sky was absolutely beautiful. The dark colors were somehow comforting. Maybe it had something to do with how high up you were, or just the hotels genius directing of the windows.
You stood in front of the glass in Chanwoo’s white shirt. A few of the buttons had been removed due to some prior aggression, and you had found the panties he had stollen from you at the dinner table and slipped those on as well.
He had teased you under the table while his members were eating just right in front of you. The thought made you blush so you tried to push it out of your mind. But you couldn’t just push it out if your mind.
Bobby had winked at you. He had seen you. You knew he knew what Chanwoo was doing to you. He had to know.
Arms snaked around your waist and chest. You smile as you hear the low hum from behind you. You place your hands onto Chanwoo’s skin. He takes a step back and with your body trapped in between his arms, so do you.
Chanwoo turns and returns his arms to your body. His lips coming to your neck before he leans down and takes you with him.
You feel the bed under your back and you twist under him to get more comfortable as he moves lower to kiss your chest. His fingers run over the cleavage cut of the shirt. The popped buttons leaving nothing but thread nubs. You bite your lip as you look down at him, Chanwoo was completely naked. His skin was so beautiful in the moon light.
Chanwoo looks up from your stomach and bites his lips as he comes up and kisses you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as you push your tongue into his mouth. You hear him inhale from his nose and feel the warm breath onto your cheek as he exhales.
A loud knock shakes through the room and you slowly release his shoulders as your head turns toward the sound.
“Did you order something?” You ask as you wonder when room service stopped or if they ever did.
Chanwoo leaves your question with you as he stands and walks toward the door. You loose sight of him and play with the shirt instead. Pulling it open as you lay back on the bed and push your hands up above your head. You hear the shuffling sound of Chanwoo’s feet marching their way back to you so you push up on your arms. Confusion spreads on your features as you see him empty handed.
“Who was it?” You ask as he approaches the bed. You blush with the thought of the hotel workers face when he saw Chanwoo naked.
Chanwoo says nothing as he grabs you in his arms and presses his lips into yours with a low but soft hum. Your eyebrows push towards each other but then his tongue flicks on your lip and bliss spreads through your body so you part your mouth to give him access.
His arms hold you tighter as his hand runs up your back against the wrinkled white material of his shirt. Chanwoo’s hands find your neck under your hair and he pushes on your lips harder.
A clicking sound pushes into your ears and your eyebrows push together again as you hear the door close. Why didn’t Chanwoo close it before he came back?
Chanwoo’s teeth come to your lip and pull as your eyes open. To the right of the bed stands Bobby in a loose shirt and dark pants.
“Chanwoo.” You say, your eyes not leaving Bobby’s face.
Chanwoo pushes his head under your chin and flicks his head up softly before kissing your neck. Your head turns to give him room, but your hands on his shoulders tighten. Chanwoo starts to kiss lower and when he tries to push you into the bed your core flexes and you stay sitting.
Bobby’s eyes weren’t on you. They were on your body and although you felt exposed you also felt your sex tighten. You couldn’t move to cover yourself. Your body was tense under Bobby’s gaze and you were starting to think that you were becoming more turned on with his presence.
“Chanwoo?” You say as you look away from Bobby to look at Chanwoo who was busy peppering your chest with kisses.
You knew that after the dinner tonight something had been going on with Bobby and Chanwoo. You didn’t ask questions when you got back to hotel room though because you wanted to tease Chanwoo, like he had teased you. But now that Bobby was watching as your boyfriend kissed your bare chest with hunger in his eyes. It was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to do this without permission.
Bobby started to unbutton his shirt and you watched as he did. Chanwoo tried to lay you down again but you weren’t ready for that yet.
“Bobby?” You say through a small moan as you question the situation.
“I was wondering how long it would take for you to moan my name.” Bobby said with a smirk.
After the shirt was unbuttoned Bobby moved to his pants without fully removing the shirt. It was somehow sexy to watch him and you wondered what he was thinking. Your eyes moved slowly down Bobby’s body and you were incredibly pleased with him. The tent in his pants was for you. Would Chanwoo let you have it?
Bobby removed his pants and boxers leaving the shirt as he came to the bed to sit behind you. You stared at his member as he walked and not the one kissing your chest. He was long but not as thick as Chanwoo. You blushed as you wondered what he would feel like inside of you.
Bobby sat crisscross behind you and his hands came to your shoulders. His hands massaged your shoulders once or twice before he pulled on them. With Bobby’s hands pulling you and Chanwoo’s kisses pushing you, you gave in and laid back into Bobby’s lap.
Chanwoo started kissing lower on your body as Bobby pet your hair with his fingers. You looked up at him and he smiled at you before looking over your face. His eyes stopped for a long time at your lips and after a little while you couldn’t help but to lick them. When you did Bobby gulped, and the sight made you happy. You already had an affect on him. It was, for some reason, reassuring.
You couldn’t just believe that you were laying in a, mostly naked Bobby lap. So you reached up to touch his face. His hand came up to yours as you held his cheek.
“Y/N” Bobby’s voice was a bit smaller than you had expected.
You smiled at him and you were about to say his name when Chanwoo cleared his throat.
“Did I give these back to you?” He asked as he pulled on your panties and let go, to let them snap softly against your skin.
You bite your lip with thought. You had raided the room for where Chanwoo had put them before you found his coat hanging in the closet. The red material was hiding in his pocket. The one over where his heart would be.
Chanwoo’s eyes were hungry but his tone was firm. You looked up at Bobby and he nodded at Chanwoo while his eyes stayed on the red cloth.
“Give them to me.” He said and Chanwoo pulled them down you legs.
You bent your legs and looked up at Bobby as his hand left your hair so he could twist and wrap your panties around his wrist like a bracelet.
Chanwoo’s hands came to your knees and pulled them open. He immediately licked up your sex and you moaned as Bobby hummed at the look of your panties around his wrist.
Your hands went to Chanwoo’s hair, you pulled on the black locks as he pushed down on your thighs and opened your legs more. Chanwoo licked up to your clit and gave it a quick harsh kiss that had your body arching over Bobby’s knee.
Bobby groaned so you looked up at him. He had his wrist to his nose and his eyes were closed.
“You smell so good, Y/N.” He said as he opened his eyes and found yours.
Bobby’s hand came back to your hair and he pet it away from your face as he licked his lips.
“Maybe I’ll have you over toast for breakfast. I know how good you taste on bread.” Bobby said and your eyes widen.
Chanwoo chuckles against your folds at the reference that Bobby was making. The memory of Chanwoo’s hand gliding across the table fluttered into your thoughts and your face reddens.
Bobby’s hand smooths over your collarbones and then carefully moves down to the mostly open white shirt. The only buttons that were still on it were the last three the rest had been removed when you and Chanwoo got to the room after dinner.
Chanwoo’s tongue came out to play with your clit and he circled your sensitive crux over and over. Every now and then he would lick up your whole clit and then return to circles.
You moan as Bobby’s hand finds your breast and immediately starts pulling at the flesh. Your nipple poked out from between two of his fingers and he pushed those two together while he pressed his hand into your breast. The feeling was absolutely amazing. You moan again. Your chest pushes up and you push up to rest on the top of your head.
“Look at how high she’s bending.” Bobby says and Chanwoo looks up from your core to see you.
You open your eyes as your back comes back down and you see Bobby’s cock right beside of your face. His popped vein becoming more and more noticeable. You wanted to touch him but your hands were pulling at Chanwoo’s hair. Instead you push up on Bobby’s lap and take your lips to his dick.
Bobby groans as his hand tightens and you whine at the feeling of your nipple being pulled. His cock twitches against your lips and you lick them before kissing him again. Chanwoo brought a finger to your entrance as he started sucking on your clit again and Bobby’s hand got a bit rougher with your breast. You arch your back into Bobby’s hand.
You moan as Chanwoo pushes his finger in and you immediately feel your body start to run to your orgasm. You felt like you were extremely sensitive and that any touch would have you coming in front of both of them. Chanwoo gently added another finger and your core tries it’s best to stretch around them.
“Can you go faster?” Bobby asks and Chanwoo nods on your clit.
His fingers push in and out faster as he sucks on your clit and Bobby switches breasts to give the other one some love. Your moan was loud and your body was shaking. You close your eyes asChanwoo’s fingers push you up closer to Bobby’s member. You turn your head to kiss him again and he hisses when you do so.
Bobby’s cock twitches on your lips and you couldn’t help the smile on your lips. Chanwoo adds another finger and white pulls at your vision. His fingers moved so quickly and you lost count how many he had inside of you. You were a moaning, whining, squirming mess but every second felt so damn good.
“She’s gonna come.” Chanwoo says as he pops off of your clit.
“Let her.” Bobby says as he looks down at your quaking body and pulls your nipple between his fingers.
You close your mouth to stop the scream as your eyes close tight. Chanwoo starts going harder with his fingers as he licks up your clit again and again, faster and faster.
Your hands look for anything to hold onto. One comes up to Bobby’s side and the other finds Chanwoo’s shoulder. Your nails dig in as you moan short loud moans with each hit of Chanwoo’s fingers and as you come he curls his fingers to ride out your high.
“There you go.” Bobby says as he picks up your head to pull deeper into his lap.
“Do you feel better now, Y/N?” Chanwoo asks and you nod your head.
“I’ll get you some water.” Chanwoo said and he stood up to walk to the small room with a hot plate and microwave that the hotel called a kitchen.
You watch his deep toned back as he walks out of the room. Bobby’s hand comes to your chin and you look up at him.
“Come here.” His order was soft, like an offer.
Bobby helped you sit up and then lay back on the bed with your head on the pillow. His hand came down your arm and you felt his warm touch through the fabric. You look over his shoulder to see if Chanwoo was walking back and Bobby smiles at you.
“Don’t be shy, Y/N.” Bobby’s voice was assuring.
“I won’t do anything you’re not okay with.” He said.
You didn’t know how to answer or what to say. It was surreal that he was even here. That Chanwoo had agreed to this.
Bobby looked beautiful in front of you. His face was clean and he wasn’t trying to hide his skin. You had felt his face earlier and felt the texture of his skin that was unique to only him. Chanwoo’s face was different, his cheeks felt thicker. Chanwoo face was smooth but still, not as soft as Bobby’s.
Bobby watched as you moved your lip between your teeth. His hand coming up and his thumb running over the part of your lip that wasn’t lodged between your teeth. He hummed and you blushed as the sound hit your core.
You looked up at Bobby and he brought his eyes from your lips to your nose and then your eyes. He licked his lips before his eyes looked back down at yours. Bobby leaned forward, his head dipping to come closer to yours. You were seconds away from kissing–
Your eyes closed instantly against his lips. He pressed his softly on yours and then pulled back for a second. You opened your eyes to see his still closed and then he brought his lips back to you. Bobby left another soft kiss on your lips and when he came back again they were slightly harsher. You liked this. The slow build up of what could be a crazy make out or a passionate kiss and feeling everything in between.
Your hands moved up his back to his neck and hair. You pulled him into your lips and he pushed against them gratefully. He groaned against your lips.
Bobby pushed up into his knees, his lips still on yours as his hands grabbed the shirt and ripped off the remaining buttons. His hands then searched your body for your waist softly. You moaned on his lips as his tongue left yours. His hands pulled you up and you moved quickly into his embrace.
He pulled the shirt from your shoulders and you tossed it over the side of the bed before your hands roped around his neck as Bobby pulled you into his lap. You wrapped your legs around his waist and squeeze to get your body as close to his as possible.
Bobby’s cock was lodged in between yours and his stomachs. Every move you made caused him to groan or moan.
His tongue returned to your mouth and you suck on the muscle to show him just how much you missed it. Bobby groans and then kisses you harder. His hand moving up and down your back as he pulls you closer. Your hand goes to a fist on his back, scratching his flesh as you complete the action.
“Y/N.” You hear in Chanwoo’s voice.
You were naked, riding another mans legs as you made out with his face. In front of your boyfriend, but you were so turned on about it.
Bobby quickly moved to your neck as you turned your head to give Chanwoo as much attention as your body would allow.
Bobby bites at your soft spot and you moan as you look at Chanwoo. Chanwoo shuffles in his space before looking down at the cup.
You looked down Chanwoo’s naked body. His was hard, really hard. You licked your lips. You had no idea what would happen tonight. They could’ve planned every step of this or they could be just doing everything randomly.
“Here.” Chanwoo said and then he brought the cup to his own lips.
Bobby groaned on your collarbone as his hands squeezed your ass, he moved up to your neck and started to suck on a piece of flesh. Chanwoo’s hand moved to your shoulder and pulled you toward him a little. His lips met yours and his other hand came to your neck to pull it back a bit.
The liquid flowed into your mouth from his. It was erotic and sexy and made you groan softly. It was a little warm from resting in Chanwoo’s mouth but it was still cool. You swallow it down and pull up your head to look at Chanwoo.
“Good girl.” He said before biting his lip.
Chanwoo pulled up his eyebrows while he tilted his head and lifted up the glass.
Bobby pulled your waist against his and groaned at the friction it gave his dick. You were still thirsty so you nod your head and Chanwoo brings the cup back up to his lips.
You tilt your head back on your own this time but Chanwoostill puts his hand on the back of your neck with a small smile.
The water was cooler this time. It softly fell into your mouth and started to pool at the back of your throat until Yixing pulled back and you swallowed. A little came out of the side of your mouth and Chanwoo caught it with his thumb.
Chanwoo looks from his finger to you and then your lips. His smirks as he pushes his thumb into your mouth. You moan at how sexy the action was and then you start sucking on his finger. You feel Bobby’s cock twitch against your stomach and moan again.
“Such a good girl.” He groans as his other hand moves to his own cock.
You moan around his thumb as you watch him stoke himself. Bobby pops off of your neck and pants on your skin for a second. His arms holding your body tightly against his own.
“Chanwoo, I can’t wait any more.” Bobby pants on your skin.
He turns his head to Chanwoo and Chanwoo pulls his thumb from your mouth. Chanwoo nods to Bobby and that’s when you see the little corner of the golden packet. It was poking out from behind the cup of water, pressed between Chanwoo thumb and the dark glass. Chanwoo took the small foil and handed it to Bobby.
Bobby snatched the gold square and stuck it between his teeth while his hands came to your waist and pushed you back a bit. He pulled on the foil while it was still between his teeth and popped out the rubber. He set it in his tip and looked up at you.
“As long as you’re okay with this?” He asked and in the moment it wasn’t even a question worth asking.
Of course you wanted him. Your smaller hands pushed the condom down the rest of his length and Bobby groaned as you moved your hands over him.
Bobby picked up your waist and lined you up with him. His head resting against your chest as you felt him at your entrance.
Bobby looks up at you as you place your hands on his shoulders. You feel his adams apple on your chest as he swallows. His hands pull your waist down and you moan as his fills you with himself. Bobby pulls on your waist and then pushes you back before lifting you up again and pulling you down onto him.
Your eyes close tightly at the amazing sensation. Your hands gripping to his shoulders as he moves you again and again. Part of you wanted to take over but you weren’t sure you could do it as well as him. You couldn’t help your eyes as the searched for Chanwoo. He was beside the bed stroking himself as he watched you with his Hyung.
“Y/N.” Bobby groaned and you moaned at his low but weak voice.
He pushed you up again and then pulled you down on himself a lot harder. This allowed him to hit your G spot and you cried out loudly. He repeated the movement and you moaned louder, burying your face at the base of his neck as you did so. Over and over he did this until you were sure you’d come hard over him.
“It’s your turn.” Bobby breathed and you moved back to look at him, he wanted you to move.
His hands still held your waist and they started to slowly move up your body.
“Come on, baby.” Bobby hisses before he grunts at you pushing down your waist.
You twisted your hips up before resting back down Bobby’s length. One of his hands comes up your stomach and grabs your breast as the other one circles your hip and goes down to your knee.
Your body was tight and hot. You wanted a release, but you had no idea how close or how long Bobby was to coming.
You decide rock your hips slowly, letting your orgasm leave you as you slowly build it up again. Bobby groans and you feel the hot air on your chest.
His lips come to your breast and you throw your head back as he nips at your nipple. Your waist starts moving faster and Bobby brings up his hand to your back to push your beasts into his face even more. His other hand comes to your lone breast and squeezes it with a groan.
You snap your hips down on him and he parts from your breast to groan. You sit up but continue your faster pace. Bobby looks at you, his arms wrapping around your form. You bring your hand to the base of his neck as you push harder. Your body was so close, you could feel how tense every muscle in your body was and you could see that Bobby felt the same way.
His hand comes to your hair and he pushes your head closer to his. Bobby’s lips crash onto yours as you moan and grip tighter to his shoulder. The hand in his head closes into a fist, his small dark strands slipping past your grip. The bed dips but you both ignore the new motion.
There were still parts of his mouth your tongue wasn’t familiar with, but it was exciting. You twist your hips as you go down on him again and he groans into your mouth.
Bobby’s mouth leaves yours with a cry and you feel something wet on your lips. You look up at Chanwoo as he pushes himself into your mouth. You voice your surprise around Chanwoo’s cock and see in your peripherals that Chanwoo has his hand on the side of Bobby’s head.
He had pushed Chanwoo out of the way so you could taste him. You suck in your cheeks and Chanwoo groans. His other hand coming to your head and pushing you harder. You speed up on Chanwoo and Bobby moves his hands back to your waist.
One of Bobby’s hands go to your side the other loops behind Chanwoo’s ankle for balance as he pulls you onto him but also thrusts up into you.
You moan around Chanwoo. Chanwoo demanded more speed and you try your best to grant him that. One of your arms was around Bobby’s neck the other was at Chanwoo’s knee cap but you move it up and down his thigh as you go quicker.
You roll your tongue under him and feel his textures on your tongue. Bobby moved faster and that caused Chanwoo to go to the back of your throat. The up and down movements made it a lot harder to suck Chanwoo off but it was somehow really fun.
Chanwoo groans and pulls your head forward so he hits the back of your throat again. His entire cock coming into your mouth and making hot tears fall from your eyes.
Bobby returned his hands to your waist as he made you bounce on his dick and you tried to suck in your cheeks for Chanwoo even more. They both groaned and it made you moan.
You look down at Bobby and see his hand holding your waist. His nails pushing against your skin and your red panties wrapped around his wrist. Your body snapped with the sight.
Your eyes closed as they both kept moving but you came hard around Bobby. Both of your hands grabbed for flesh. Your nails sinking into Chanwoo’s leg and sliding across Bobby’s back before settling for his shoulder.
Bobby found his release in your clenching core and relaxed back against Chanwoo’s legs with a long groan. Chanwoo swayed a bit with the new weight but recovers quickly so you can keep taking him.
You could feel that Bobby was watching you as he panted off his release.
With three more quick thrusts Chanwoo comes into your mouth as he throws his head back. Your mouth filled with Chanwoo and as he removed himself from between your lips some of him spilled onto Bobby’s shoulder but you quickly moved down to lick it off of his skin.
Chanwoo pats Bobby’s clothed shoulder twice and then he moved. Bobby slowly laid you back into the bed and then pulled out of you. You winced when he did so as your body got cold without his warmth and tried to get used to being without him. Chanwoo fell to his knees and you bite your lip with the image.
Bobby pulls off his shirt and fans it over your body before laying down beside you. You didn’t really feel like you needed the shirt because your body was still on fire, but it was a sweet gesture.
Chanwoo lowers his upper body onto his hands and starts to crawl up the bed to you and Bobby. He made it just past your knees and then he quickly pulled the shirt away from your body. You jolt from the sudden movement, cool air rushing to your burning flesh. It felt so amazing.
Bobby looks down at Chanwoo as he pulls your legs open. You bite your lips as he kisses your clit and then continues to crawl. Chanwoo’s head comes to your breasts and then he lays down. He turns so that he’s facing the ceiling and you wrap your legs around his chest. He holds your legs as Bobby snakes his arm under your head and all three of you look out the window at the rising sun.
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