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Dating B-Bomb would be like

Him confessing to you:

He is apart of Block b so if he told one of the boys they would tell you. He probably told Ukwon, whom probably told Jiho, Zico went off and probably told Taeil and then got kyung and Pyo in on a plan to tell you.
You and Minhyuk would be hanging out while they were getting ready behind stage and you noticed the strange atmosphere from the others. You would catch the others catching glancing at you every once in a while. Before they went on stage the boy would shout it out at you leaving Minhyuk very flustered. he froze like a deer caught in headlights. He would look at you and start to explain and think of something to say, “they are right. Maybe you wanna go out someday? for dinner or movie night?” After you told him the answer he would then catch up to the boys.

Your guys first date would look like:

I see him as someone who wants to take you some where fancy with a great view or at home movie nights with delivery

Cuddling would look like:

holding hands:

His face when you’re talking about your passions:

When he caught you staring at him:

when you catch him staring at you:

The Nicknames he calls you:

jagiya, baby/babe.

Arguments would be like:

he would try to stay as calm as he could even if you are screaming at him and try to work it out as adults not fussy children. If he told you calm down calmly and you don’t he would shout it so maybe you’ll listen but he would immediately calm down and hope you do.

How big would the arguments get:

not very big he would just ignore you or leave if he gets fired up

How often would he message/call on tour:

not all the time but he wouldn’t ignore you. He would be there if you needed to talk but as long as it isnt about weird-3am-questions/thoughts

How would he purpose:

Very shy. Gets the guys in on it cause last time it was effective. Very memorable. Guys screaming tell you guys to kiss. Guys telling you guys look cute together.
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