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The devil has mastered deception, having centuries to practice; improve and streamline it. And with all the glitter, monetary and social gain; it’s no wonder it appeals and is the very opposite of what is to be Christian; a follower of Jesus Christ. Now, don’t get me wrong, for if the world is moving in a self-serving direction, as in separation from God; then we have very little choice, but to find ways to interact and as such “ride the wave” if we want to save as many before all comes crashing down. Like a tsunami, sooner or later it will reach its summit and then come crashing down onto the unsuspecting, and fearful bystanders and for those who are riding its wave carefree and blindly, not realizing it’s a fatal ride will meet the inevitable demise of such obsessive engrossment. The Christian need to know when to jump off such waves, by keeping the first and last priority in focus daily.
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The God IS the Devil and vice-versa.
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Fact is...there is no God. If there was one, he/she wouldn't be afraid of showing their face down here on Earth. There's no God, no kingdom...and no devil. It's all us - simple as that.