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Hiro is dropping hints
So I have a friend who follows Hiro Mashima on twitter and Hiro put this as his header on twitter. I wanna say Nalu will happen. just in case, might have to wait for the next chapter to make sure. However Hiro loves to throw in some loops.
So for now there's hope that Nalu will happen! Art made by Hiro
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nalu confirmed one sided love..........
a year ago·Reply
i hope not @lordeath666jp
a year ago
I think it is canon because mashima said that Natsu and Lucy Will have a child named Nashi soooooooo I think its CAAANNNNOOONNN
a year ago·Reply
@SugaMint I've heard that too, I'm waiting on it to actually happen probably at the end
a year ago
idk @SugaMint he can always misslead his fans
a year ago·Reply
@lordeath666jp right because I heard him say "if" they get together @SugaMint
a year ago·Reply
the best joke ever, the story ends with natsu declaring his love for lucy and she says no and continues with natsus own series
a year ago·Reply
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@lordeath666jp not hating tho cuz everyone has their own opinion
a year ago