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Ok so Mino dropped that single I was waiting for today and I definitely saw my boy GD a couple times and was like 'Whaaaa'.
But on a real note that flow and that beat???? I love it. No I live it! This is one of the nicest beats I've heard all week. And I have been jamming all week. But this song from beginning to end I was jamming and feeling all in love with Mino. Like my boy really stepped his game up with this song. (what am I talking about).
I don't know what new heights he's gonna keep reaching but if he keeps growing in his music like this I'm definitely gonna start seeing more GD in him, lets be honest, they are similar not only in looks from certain angles but also in music style (I mean seriously though, its YG we're talking about)
Of course I added in JRE's reaction again because he and I are on the same page.
But what do you guys think of this? Tell me really?
I absolutely love this song! wasn't feeling too much from Bobby's song but this right here......I can listen to all day , and mino looked soo good😍😍 but looks aside hes grown alot and you can see it with this song
I love this song! The beat is pretty relaxed and I think this song is a good contrast to Bobby's song. I'm totally going to be adding this to my Spotify playlist.
I liked it