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In 1278, a monk returned from the Holy Land with some soil and sprinkled it over the abbey's cemetery. Thereafter, the place became a popular burial place all over Europe, and they ran out of space after the Plague swept through. "There are stories to suggest that partially blind monks entrusted with the care of the chapel were the first to begin piling the bones into geometric shapes" in the 16th century. The eerily beautiful decorations were created by "a woodcarver named František Rint. In 1870, he was commissioned by the landowners of the time, the Schwarzenberg family, to decorate the chapel with the bones and create a reminder of the impermanence of human life and inescapable death." If you look at closely at the Schwarzenberg coat of arms (pic #4), the bottom-right is a raven picking out a human's eye. Creepy...but quite beautiful, no?
@PiuPiuPENGUIN oh, you imperialist lol :P
@minjaeturtles a big part of the czech republic was under german rule for the longest time, also the landowners name sounds a lot like a german name, I just assumed they are xD
@YinofYang haha it sure is. Imagine being locked in here alone at night! :$
Oh, I remember just finding out about this. Definitely creepy.
@PiuPiuPENGUIN this is in the Czech Republic..?
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