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-'I miss you.. I miss us.' she said and looked at me. Her heart was broken and the way she looked at me sent shivers down my spine. -'I miss you too..' I replied. How could I not? I thought to myself. I couldn't tell her I was told I had no more than a few months to live. I couldn't ask her to stay in a war zone, but I also couldn't let her go. How do you explain this to anyone? How do tell the one person you love that you're dying and that even if you weren't they can't stay with you because they might get bombed or abducted or something like that.. And how can you let go of the one thing that had kept you alive? -'Come back.. Tell me what's wrong? Talk to me..' She said and her eyes flooded with tears, sad tears. -'I'm tired, love. I needed a break, that's all.' I answered. She knew right away that I had just lied to her, she saw it in my eyes, but she didn't ask anymore questions, she understood, and came closer to me, leaned on me, hugged me and whispered -'You're strong. You're so strong, you'll be okay fifty, everything will be okay..' as she softly tightened her hug. Our break started soon afterwards and I had to get my head straight - 'I'll be right back, I need to drink.' I told her. -'I'm waiting.' she said. I didn't drink anything, I just washed my face over and over again trying to pull myself together. I had too much to deal with. I walked back and she sat on the bank, I stood right before her, put my hands on her hips and smiled at her. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever had. She looked me in the eyes -'Fife..' Her voice sounded different, I rarely heard that shy tone from her -'I love you.' I was shocked, We were in love for months but none of us had said that before, It took my baffled brain a moment to process what she just said and I remember the blood rushing in my stomach and up to my cheeks. And suddenly there was no pain anymore, there was no war anymore, there was nothing but her, and what she just told me. Life was so vivid and colorful I could almost hear my dying heart dancing to the melodies of her words. -'I love you too. I love you more than everything else. I always will.' I said. She sat next to me, I looked at her, she was more than I ever asked for. She was marvelous, I saw meaning in her, I was lucky, everything made sense, I knew I lived for moments like these, where we as humans melt and experience unexplainable, indescribable feelings caused by a sudden rush of chemicals and hormones. Chemicals and hormones that made sense and fired up insanely everytime I saw her. I looked around, stole a small kiss from her shoulder and threw myself in her arms. -'Thank you.' I said. She shushed me, and smiled. She was blushing, and she did not know what to say anymore, so she held me, and it was then I knew I was not going to die, I could not die. Not like this, not as long as she's there, not as long as I could still be as happy as I were between her arms.