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Huge Problem in the K-pop community

Tell me, I'm not the only one to be scared to admit to being army. I am multi-fandom. I love and respect other groups. As well as never getting in any fandom wars. However when I mention I am army, I immediately get told I am trash. Please,what is wrong with being army? I see hate comments on every video where someone mentions being army. But then about 10 comments down there is an exo-l. What is so wrong with being army? I know there are a few idiots in the fandom but the rest of us love kpop. So please stop hating so much on army.
there's nothing wrong with being an army (im one too) but it's the concentration of immature fans that are becoming way too dense with in the fandom that makes ppl upset. Hopefully it'll soon pass. it did with EXO so lets pray for the best
you took the words out of my exactly what i was gonna say..there are too many unnecessary conflic..and this is probably as you said and i think so too the immaturity of our youngster in the fandom..when I see comments on the social medias that are not favorable, I usually try to get them the benefit of the doubt to ease a conflict..but is hard when things spread in the web to take them back..I Know things will get better ARMY is astrong fandom they will overcome this and look through
within and do better..
I'm sorry but I gotta say this you just said "few idiots in the fandom " and this is clearly wrong I'm sorry for saying this but they are not " few " they are "many " "so many " I'm an army and a proud army but a positive one , I'm not saying what other people say is right and they have the right to do so but I'm just clearing the fact that there are so many negative army's that thinks in a wrong way and they really have to change the way they think..
People hate on any group that is doing well, and unfortunately, any big group has a few bad apples. I think that's why most of the recent hate goes to ARMY and EXO-L. Groups that aren't as 'popular' do not get the fandom hate. I guess people figure it's not worth it. I could be wrong though......but how much hate do you see on Melody or Starlight?
I'm an army and I'm proud to be...although like you said there are some idiots in the Fandom bts I mean what Fandom doesn't....I'm in several Fandom so when a fight like between say exols and armys happens I just fall back and say....but the members of exo and bts are friends why shoukd be be hating on there friends??? makes no sense to me
I know, there is just so much hate in the K-pop community
Yea alot
I never knew this.. I see nothing wrong with being on army like if people don't like bts then fine but I mean they're missing out because rap monster...jungkook....jhope.....v.....jimin....jin....and suga....are all to adorable. [bias problem are real for me in this group]
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