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Huge Problem in the K-pop community
Tell me, I'm not the only one to be scared to admit to being army. I am multi-fandom. I love and respect other groups. As well as never getting in any fandom wars. However when I mention I am army, I immediately get told I am trash. Please,what is wrong with being army? I see hate comments on every video where someone mentions being army. But then about 10 comments down there is an exo-l. What is so wrong with being army? I know there are a few idiots in the fandom but the rest of us love kpop. So please stop hating so much on army.
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One girl in the thunder squad has repeatedly been subject to this and I've seen a few others being bullied as well. People need to chill out and let people be who they are. Vingle is supposed to be a Sade place for people to speak their mind as an individual fan to the groups of their choice. This has increasingly become more and more of an issue. I count my blessings that I have yet to be a victim and the day I am, that person will be lucky to be breathing when I'm done with them.
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I never knew this.. I see nothing wrong with being on army like if people don't like bts then fine but I mean they're missing out because rap monster...jungkook....jhope.....v.....jimin....jin....and suga....are all to adorable. [bias problem are real for me in this group]
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I've never seen this honestly. if anything I see people proud to be army. and I am too. so fuck the bullshit. ain't nobody got time for people that act like that and hate on something I love just because they don't like it.
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You are not the only one 😞 It sucks so much ☹️
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