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Today I wanted to share my Kpop spirit animal, SANDEUL.

We both love to eat, we're loud, we're sarcastic and we're both BFFs with Jin and Ken...I mean...

But really, I think that as much as I'd like to be chic or mysterious or whatever as an idol, I know that deep down all I am is Sandeul.


I can't wait for B1A4's comeback (apparently happening in winter) and to see my Kpop spirit animal once more!

Who is YOUR Kpop spirit animal?

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Hmmm . I'll have to think about who my kpop spirit animal is
OMG. YES FOR SANDEUL. Such a little goof ball. haha. 😆 AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR B1A4'S COMEBACK. I feel like it's been forever!! But I don't know who would be mine.. lol. 😂
My Kpop spirit animal is Rap Monster. I just find myself being so much like him.
Kyungsoo is my spirit animal. We both hate the existence of certain ppl LOL #SATANSOOAWAKEN
My daughter's 2 main biases are Sandeul and Jin. She is so much like the two of them too (and both adorn her bedroom wall, along with a few others).