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This is loosely translated, but I did my best!! . . *Bite* *Flip* Gajeel - *Finally, some free time...*
*Reads over her shoulder* Gajeel - *The guy in this book is an idiot... how can she read this crap? Oh well, apart from that, It's quiet...too quiet... It's not so bad though.* Levy - "Is everything ok Gajeel?"
Gajeel - "I was just wondering about those sandwiches." Levy - "Oh, are you hungry now? Which one do you want?" Gajeel - "Any of them." Levy - "Here" Gajeel - "Hai" *She fed me by hand...* "What? It's good, give me another one of those, Shrimp." Levy - "ALREADY!!"
Levy - *I wonder why that seemed, natural...?* Gajeel - *It's quiet again...*
Levy - *~What?~* Gajeel - Shut up, I'm tired now. Levy - Eeeeeeh!? Gajeel - *Hmmm, Did she give up?*
*Pat, Rub* Gajeel - !!!! *That was...that was... unexpected!? Oh god...This feels good...* (Soup and Sandwiches)
Levy - Gajeel? *Fell asleep already...*
Levy - *Good thing I brought my courage soup*

Art by 手羽先 (Wing Tips)✨ Translated by me

@alexcattura Oh, that makes sense! Thank you!
Mhm. thx 4 the translation. so I'll be able to know what they r saying. also...Kawaii!!!!.. so cute!!....
@CristalTrujillo Thank you!!! It was pretty difficult... I don't fully understand Japanese or how it's read, but I gave it a shot! And I think the "courage soup" was meant to be kinda like a good luck charm😊
I think you did really well with the translation but what does "courage soup" mean? And it was really cute!