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Hello VIPS-

In honor of the BIGBANG 10-year anniversary and the SnackFever/ YG collaboration for the month of September, the Oppas and Unnies over at SnackFever wanted to know your opinions and preferences when it comes to the the Kings of Kpop.

Simply state your answers in the comments below and I'll compile your responses on behalf of the BIGBANG Community and SnackFever. Look for the poll results coming soon to the SnackFever blog and the Vingle Kpop communities.

1. Which member is your bias?

2. Which BIGBANG song is your favorite?

3. Favorite concept or era?

4. Favorite music video?

5. What's your earliest memory of BIGBANG?

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1.G-Dragon❤ 2.Stupid Liar 3.Hmm, I like them all really but if I have to choose I like the way they are right now~ 4. Dirty Cash (very fun and excellent mv) 5.As a group my earliest memory would be Watching them dance to Crazy Dog
a year ago·Reply
1. G-Dragon 2. love song 3.2015 4. fantastic baby mv 5. when I first got into kpop they just randomly kept popping up in my video recommendations so I would every now and then check them out an before I knew it I was a fan and they all were interesting people to me.
a year ago·Reply
1. Daeseung 2. Fantastic Baby 3. I like them all. 4. Haru Haru brings the feels, but Fantastic Baby and Bang, Bang, Bang are great for pumping me up for work or cruising in the car. 5. My daughter introduced me to their mysic. I really liked it and became a fan. I not only like the groups music, but their solo stuff as well.
a year ago·Reply
1) Seungri 2) Let's Not Fall in Love 3) Alive Era 4) Monster 5) Earliest memory has to be the first video I ever saw from them "We Belong Together" and their BIGBANG Documentary when YG was making BIGBANG 🙈 My favorite though is when I went to their Vegas show....the 8 hour drive was worth it! 💖💕 It was a blessing to see them live😊❤️ Forever a VIP👑🔥
a year ago·Reply
1) I don't have a bias... so I'll just pick someone randomly... Daesung. :) 2) BLUE :D 3) I love all their eras, but if I could choose just one: Alive era 4) Love Song. I just love how it was produced and I believe it was a one take music video! 5) Bigbang was the first K-Pop group EVER. So I really have to thank them for getting me into this amazing world of Korean music. 💙
a year ago·Reply