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Alrighty if you missed the last chapter by @SweetDuella click here Now I shall say...I was going through lots of feels as I wrote this...
"Alright Jenni so how many matches did we each get again?" Sarah asked as they were walking out of the studio. "Um. I have 3 matches….please don't set the studio on fire." Jenni said "What does that……. Oh MY GOD!" Sarah started laughing which finally broke Jenni and she started laughing. "I'm sorry I had to." Jenni said still laughing. "It's going to be on FIRE!!!! OW!!!! Annnd CUE Suga saying Bulatourne!" Sarah said trying to stop laughing. "Bulatourne!" The girls turn to that voice they know so well. "YOONGI!" They both say. "What are you doing here?" Jenni asked as Sarah threw her arms around him hugging him. "I came to get you guys, You were taking too long." Yoongi was laughing trying to get sarah off of him. "Nope you have to carry me now." Sarah said moving to his back and he just accepted it. "By the way you aren't supposed to listen to our song while you burn the building down." Yoongi said causing the girls to start laughing. Sarah moved her lips next to Yoongi's ear. "Did you know people think we would look good together?" Sarah whispered and then looked around to see if Kookie was around "Yup, that is why we all are here. We heard the show." "Uh oh, is it bad?" Jenni asked "No, Well I think it's more of curiosity more than anything." He said and sarah hugged Yoongi tighter. "You are my bias wrecker wrecker so of course I like you too. But Kookie has my heart." Sarah said causing Yoongi to laugh. "Oh I'm telling Kookie you want Yoongi now." Jenni took off running. "Hey come back! Yoongi catch her!." He just laughed and continued walking. "Yooooongi!" She whined "If you want to stop her you can get off my back and go." "NOOO, I'm being lazy today. I have stomach pains." "Did you eat something bad?" He asked "I don't think so. But its ok, I'm sure I just need to rest a bit." Yoongi and Sarah talked until they saw the guys and Tae came running over to them and pulled Sarah away from Yoongi. "We are going to have a nice group discussion." Tae said as he pulled her out the door and the rest followed. Jenni and Joonie were walking by each other talking and smiling, but Kookie was walking behind them with a serious expression on his face. Sarah went to go call out to him but Jhope called out to him instead. They all ended up at a park and the girls sat on a bench while the guys surrounded them. "Ok this is a little creepy." Jenni said "Alright first off, Why the heck does no one want me paired with either of you." Jin whined The girls laughed "Well simply put they don’t want you to have babysit us." Jenni said "Yea you already have that with them." Sarah pointed to the guys "So you shouldn't be with someone you'd have to watch carefully." Sarah finished "Fine, I'll take that answer, I didn’t like either of you in that way as well." He said sitting next to Sarah. "Why won't you sit by me?" Jenni asked " you not remember this morning?" Jin asked "Oh yea….Sorry." She said looking back at the other 6 guys. "Now we know you two didn’t really have a say in the pairing but…seriously even when you get a say you don't pair us with our significant others?" Namjoon said "Sorry, we were joking." The girls looked at the ground. "Eh, I already talked to Sarah about our pairing." Yoongi smiled and Sarah looked at him with a smiled. "I’m SO SORRY JIMINIE!!!!" Sarah yelled and knelt down in front of Jimin. This confused everyone but Jenni and Yoongi they just started laughing. Jimin knelt down to her. "Why are you apologizing?" he asked and Sarah looked at him. "Yoongi wrecked my bias wrecker. He is now number 2." "Does that mean I'm 3rd?" He asked "Yes." Sarah started getting teary eyed. "It's ok I forgive you." He said patting her back. "No Jimin you can't forgive me! FIGHT BACK. Do something to take your number 2 spot back. He." Sarah pointed at Yoongi. "CAN NOT stay there. You have been number two for 1.5 years and he can't come back after 1.5 years and try to destroy my list." "Oh man Sarah takes this list thing seriously." Jenni said still laughing. "Sorry Sarah I'm not going anywhere." Yoongi said and sat next to Jenni. "FUCK!" Sarah said and then moved back to her seat. "Ok so… Jhope, Sarah was just goofing." Jenni said "Yea I know for some reason you two just don’t like me." He said with a smile on his face. Both girls jumped up. "THAT’S NOT TRUE!" They both screamed and hugged him. "Ha I knew that would get you guys to feel bad." He said with a laugh. Both girls let go of him and sat down. "We need to get him back for that" Sarah whispered to Jenni. "Agreed." "So good thing you don't see us together, just fans, because I'm just everyone's hope." He said with a smile and sat next to Yoongi. "Ok to be fair Kookie and Namjoon just sit down. We were paired with you two and we are dating you. Don’t be so upset." Sarah said "Wow Sarah." Jenni said "Well…. Fine if you two have something to say then say it." Sarah said feeling like she was being too mean. "Or we can go off later and we can talk in private." Jenni said making everyone agree with her. Namjoon made Jenni sit on his lap and Kookie just sat next to Jin. Sarah sighed and pushed her lips together in a tight line. Why was she having so many emotions today. "Ok so we are doing this together." Tae said "We are your best friends so it makes sense that we would look good together." Jimin said "Exactly!" Sarah said "Sarah you shut your tongue." Jenni said covering Sarah's mouth. "We are closing this out with, If you two don’t want your current boyfriends now is the time to change. We already discussed the possibility of loves changing and we all agreed if you two realized after this that you wanted someone else…" Sarah and Jenni cut Jimin off. "Shut Up! The girls stood and looked at their boyfriends. "Seriously!" Sarah said looking at Kookie but he wasn’t looking at her. " Alright no there is no changing boyfriends, that is just so weird. Namjoon lets go we need to talk." Jenni said grabbing Namjoon's hand and pulling him in one direction. Sarah was still staring at Kookie. Yoongi was the one to make her look away. "Hey, we were joking." Yoongi said and Sarah looked at Jin. "You allowed this?" sarah was on the verge of tears. "I thought it would be funny. I didn’t think you two would react like this." Sarah took a deep breath and looked at Kookie one more time. "Ok." She turned and walked away. "Dude go after her she's pissed." Jhope said to Kookie who sat there watching her walk away. She went towards the bike path and was walking, trying not to be emotional. She had walked a few minutes when she felt something hit her face. She had started crying but that wasn’t what she felt. She looked up rain hit her in the face. She closed her eyes and felt the rain hit her face. She was thankful for the rain. Why was she being crazy. It was just a joke, after all. She felt warmth and opened her eyes. There were arms around her. "I'm sorry." He whispered "You better be." She said and turned around. "I thought you might have wanted someone else, like Tae or Yoongi." "Kookie, I love you. If I didn't love you we wouldn’t have even been dating, I would have been trying to spend more time with whoever I did like." "I'm sorry. It was a mean joke." He quickly kissed her lips. "Please forgive me." He said as he pulled away from her. "You…owe me something." She said with a smirk. "What's that?" He asked Sarah took his hand and pulled him to her place. Even though it was raining they ran most of the way. When they got to her place they were drenched. "Ok let's take a shower so we can warm up and…well we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone." Sarah said winking at Kookie and then they were both heading to the bathroom. Once they were in and clothes were taken off Sarah froze. "Well that explains why I'm so emotional today." She thought she said in a whisper. "Why is that?" Kookie asked "Period. Thank god we are taking a shower….well I guess we don't need to do anything besides clean up." Sarah said hoping in. "If we are in the shower…Why not. I haven't tried it before." He said with a smirk.
"Namjoon that was not ok!" Jenni said as they got a good distance from the others. "What? I knew you wouldn’t leave me. It was funny." "How funny would it be if I just broke up with you right now." She said with a serious face. "Don't say stupid things like that." "It's not stupid. Our feelings were hurt, Yes we are big girls but seriously! We have been having to deal with a lot of stuff." "I'm sorry. Panda…..Jenni I'm really sorry." he grabbed at her hands. She looked at him. She was smiling. "What did you think only you could play a prank?" Jenni said laughing and running back towards the guys. "Oh you are so in trouble." Namjoon said and chased after her. It started raining and Tae, J-hope and Jimin and Jin were running around dancing and jumping in the little puddles that started to form. Jenni Joined them. After several minutes of playing in the rain Jenni and Namjoon headed back to her place while the others went to their dorm to shower and change then they were going to meet up and find something to do. After a few minutes of walking in silence they finally started talking. "So you were upset over those comments too huh?" Namjoon said looking at her. "What comments?" Jenni was a bit confused. "The ones about you two being too close to us." "Oh yea that did upset me but staying positive did its job." Namjoon opened up his phone and started typing something. "Well I'm not the only one who said something." He said showing her his phone. Each member had gone onto their twitter and made a comment about the way their fans were acting. "Man you guys seriously are the best." She said and hugged him. They finally arrived back at her place and walked in. "Huh I guess Sarah and Kookie aren't here." Jenni said as they took their shoes off. "Ok you go take a shower first and then I'll take one after you." Jenni said walking towards her room to find some clothes for him to wear. "Why don’t we take one together." HE said grabbing here. "No, I'm… I just started and… maybe in a day or so." She said and pulled his hands off her and went to her room. He went to the bathroom and took a shower like she had told him. They both had finished there showers and were sitting down on the couch. "Where the heck is Sarah?" Jenni asked as she pulled out her phone. The door to the apartment opened. "Thank you Kookie but you can put me down now" Sarah said "Sarah where have you….. OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Jenni said jumping off the couch and running to Sarah. Her ankle was wrapped up. "Oh you know I just sprained my ankle." Sarah laughed and she started limping to the kitchen. "How did it happen?" Namjoon asked "Um." Sarah looked at Kookie. "We were trying to have sex in the shower and we slipped and I landed on her foot." Kookie said "What!?" Jenni let out a little laugh "For real?" she had a smile on her face. "Wow, and I'm the one who is known for being destructive." Namjoon said "Can I ask why you tried to have sex in the shower?" Jenni asked looking at Sarah. "You know why. It's that time of the month…which by the way I hate you. I thought I would be a bit later but I guess I'm finally syncing up with you now." "Ha I can't wait to tell everyone about this." Namjoon said
Now I will say that I told Jenni when I was talking to about this chapter...I said had sarah break up with Kookie and I was making us both single in the story lol.
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yes first to comment! moving on OMG you used those texts and that was a mean prank you pulled, telling me they all broke up and then you played the trick on them Oooh bad boys bad! this was so funny And it look like kooki isn't getting lucky either. omg you pulled a Jenni! hurting yourself in the shower! this is why Jenni will not shower with Joonie, she would hurt herself trying. had way to many thoughts there omg!
hahah Yea it was awesome but then my feels for Yoongi came out and i expressed that in the chapter...I got frustrated lol but funny thing I took the rain scene from what I did today....and I had been plotting Sarah's injury since Pt 56 lol
I like that, "we were TRYING to have sex in the shower"
What would seem so romantic and nice in a shower, is actually more the Kookie and Sarah experience (remember I'm married). Poor eomma Jin is NOT going to want to hear about Kookie and Sarah's latest attempt either. The poor guy is getting TMI and is going to be constantly worried. The other guys are just living vicariously though Joonie and Kookie now. I can't wait to see what kind of prank they end up pulling on will be funny I'd imagine. I'm sure Tae would help....and maybe even Jimin.
@SarahVanDorn omg you wanted to ING ah I can't spell it you wanted to hurt sarah that is crazy talk!
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