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Sixty-Third Group: CLC (CrystaL Clear)
Debuted: March 19th, 2015
Latest Comeback: May 29th, 2016
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Members: (7)
Name: Oh Seung Hee
Stage Name: Seunghee
Born (year only): 1995
She is a vocalist.
Name: Choi Yu Jin
Stage Name: Yujin
Born: 1996
She is a vocalist.
Name: Chang Seung Yeon
Stage Name: Seungyeon
Born: 1996
She is the Leader and a vocalist.
Name: Chonnasorn Sajakul
Stage Name: Sorn
Born: 1996
She is a vocalist.
Fun Fact:
She is from Thailand.
Name: Jang Yee Eun
Stage Name: Yeeeun
Born: 1998
She is a rapper.
Name: N/A
Stage Name: Elkie
Born: 1998
Fun Fact:
She is from Hong Kong.
Name: Kwon Eun Bin
Stage Name: Eunbin
Born: 2000
She is the Maknae.
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