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Helloo! Hellooo!
Welcome back to another episode with TOP! :D
Let's continue on with the story shall we?^^
Missed an episode? I gotchu :*
School and work got a little busy so I had to cut the chapter short but the next episode with be a bit lengthy because now that everything is aligned, things will um.... yeah^^
Please enjoy! :D
Episode 4~
You stomp into the living room, your eyes lively with plenty of irritation to fuel them for a while. “What is my stuff doing in your room!”
TOP turns around, his face startled at your sudden appearance. “What?”
“Why do you have boxes of MY things in YOUR room!?” You fume again.
“Because I moved you in?” He says slowly.
“What!? Why! I have my own apartment-”
“You're not going back to your apartment anytime soon. Especially after what happened.”
“Why the hell not!? I'm perfectly fine-”
“Are you crazy? Hell no. You're staying here where I can keep an eye on you.”
“What! But why!? You only have one room anyways! I can't stay here-”
“Yaah! I don't even sleep in my room, I sleep in the studio! You're not going anywhere until we figure out what's going on. Plus, I already moved all your stuff, it was a pain so I'm not doing it again anytime soon.
“Yaah! Drop it! I'm your oppa! I know what's good for you!” He chuckles at the end.
You cross your hands across your chest and plop down on the couch, furrowing your eyebrows together as you stare at the ground, defeated with no where to run.
TOP chuckles again, “I have a nephew, sweetheart. Pouting isn't going to help you either.”
“I'm not pouting,” you growl.
“Good. Now, what do you want to eat? I'm ordering in.”
You place your hand on your next and press your fingers into your skin, gently messaging the area as you walk into the YG building. Your headaches have slowly been getting better but it still took a toll on your energy levels.
You glance over to the receptionist calling you over.
“Good morning,” you say, greeting her with a small bow.
“Good morning. I must ask, are you feeling well today? You're awfully pale,” she says, looking at you closely.
“Yeah,” you half smile. “It's just been a long weekend and I haven't been feeling well but I'm okay now.”
A soft smile spread across her lips, “well don't work too hard okay? Here, this came in for you this morning. Make sure you eat well to feel better quickly!” She hands you a small bag then waves as you walk away.
You make it to your office and take a seat, leaning back into your chair with your arm draped over your head as the uncomfortable pulsing begins to return and accidentally kicking small bag that the receptionist had handed you to the side.
<<Are you kidding me? I go all night trying to convince that man to let me go home, barely catching a wink of sleep, just to have this stupid migraine come back. Seriously though, who goes out and grabs another person's stuff just and forces them to move in!? Ughh.>>
You take off your arm and lean to grab your bag, pulling out a small bottle of headache medicine to help control the throbbing.
A knock on your door pulls your attention away from your thoughts as you swallow the pills. You grant entry just in time to see the members poking their heads through the doorway. You wave them in and finish drinking the remainder of your water bottle.
They take over the chairs in your office and settle in, narrowing your attention to you like curious children.
You raise an eyebrow. “May I help you?”
“How are you feeling?” Ji-Yong responds slowly.
You shrug, “strangely well, except for my head aching all the time.”
TOP grins, “you have a hard head, be glad it wasn't anything worse that could get through that nutshell.”
You shift your attention to him and unleash a wicked glare while he continues grinning innocently.
Tae-Yang clears his throat. “Don't mean to kill the mood, but you two should save the flirting for whenever we're not here.”
“It won't be embarrassing if I do it at home,” TOP snickers.
“Home? Hyung.... are you two living together?” Dae-Sung gasps.
Seung-Ri sighs, “Hyung, even I knew about it. Can't you tell by how pale she looks? Hyung is going to end up killing her. If he can barely take care of himself, how is he going to take keep her alive?”
Ji-Yong and the others chuckle amongst themselves as TOP leans across to smack Seung-Ri. “Yaah, shut up! She'll be fine. I ordered in food last night so she'll stay fed.
They chuckle harder.
“Either way, hyung. We can't do anything, it's best she's with someone until we find clues to track down why she got attacked.” Ji-Yong comments.
“Or I can just go home and lock the doors better,” you force a quick smile.
The members turn to you with blank faces.
“She does have a better chance of surviving whatever is going on than living with TOP hyung,” Seung-Ri continues giggling until TOP smacks him even harder.
Ji-Yong gets up and smooths out his shirt, making the other slowly members raise to their feet too.
“Well, we'll come around to make sure you're still breathing,” Tae-Yang smiles, making TOP begin to complain as they make their way out the door.
<<He can barely take care of himself?>>
You rush home at the end of the day, the conversation with the members in the morning replaying in your head enough times to distract you from work. Entering TOP's apartment, you head straight towards the refrigerator and yank it open, finding nothing but ice cream and juice.
You twirl around at the sound of wrinkling plastic bags, seeing TOP emerging through the front door with groceries in his hands. He catches your eyes then heads over to drop the bags on the counter and stagger backwards to take a seat on the one of the stools.
“There. I got pushed into going grocery shopping by the others, now they can't say you'll die from nourishment if you stay here.” He lowers his head on the counter with his eyes still up at you. “It was exhausting. There's so many choices and it's so expensive! If Dae-Sung wouldn't have been there, I wouldn't have made it out alive!” He whines.
“Why don't you go shopping regularly? It's a ghost town in your refrigerator.”
“I hate it when food spoils so I just eat out.” He responds with a fox like grin.
You roll your eyes, “it goes bad because you don't cook it before its due date!”
“I don't cook,” he continues grinning.
You shake your head and start putting away the groceries, leaving out ingredients for dinner then pull out the skillet and place it on the stove.
The feeling of being constantly watched never disappeared knowing that TOP was behind you the entire time. He stayed quiet as you cooked, but it didn't help the situation.
<<Should I still be mad at him? I mean, he is going out of his way to make sure I stay comfortable even though the others basically forced him to go buy food. That's more than enough, I shouldn't be complaining if he's going to be this sweet with me.... though, I'll probably die just by looking at him before anything else.>> A smile blossoms across your lips.
You turn off the skillet and grab a couple of plates, serving him first before cleaning the skillet.
His head shoots up, “omo! I don't think I've had a home cooked meal in months! Let's eat in the living room, I can turn on the record player there.” He picks up his plate and scurries out of the kitchen like an excited child, making you trail after him with a bright smile.
The soft tune filled the emptiness of the apartment, you giggle under your breath, remembering how much TOP loved listening to Sparklehorse as Sunshine played on.
Swaying side to side ever so gently to the song as you eat, you continue to feel TOP's eyes on you.
<<Don't just stare at me you dork, say something if you need to say it!>>
“Aren't you scared?” TOP asks on cue.
Your eyes lock with his, giving you instant goosebumps. “Of?” you breathe.
“What happened.”
The direct question made the bump on your head waken and throb painfully with the bits and pieces of memory that you're able to recall. “Of course I'm scared. I'm terrified. I don't know what I did to cause such a thing to happen. I don't know if it'll stop after one time, and the fact that I don't know what's to come completely terrorizes me.”
“You're so calm about it though,” he says, shoving a spoonful into his mouth.
You manage a half smile. <<Probably because you calm me down. Or I'm distract me majority of the times with your childish ways.>>
TOP sets his spoon down and wipes his mouth. “Don't worry, I took those bastards down and I'll do it again if I have to. I'll protect you.”
You smirk, “how am I sure that it wasn't someone else who showed up and kicked their ass then gave you the credit when you arrived?”
“Yaah!” he exclaims and pulls up his arm to flex. “Look at this! I totally kicked their asses!”
"Okay okay, you totally did," you grin.
"Good. I'll do my best to get to the bottom of it and keep your mind off the stress, that way you can rest probably and regain your energy."
Awww! :3
Investigator TOP reporting for duty! XD
Sweet of him to go through all the extra trouble just to make sure you're comfortable in his home^^ Even the members visiting while at work! :o
Hope ya'll enjoyed!<3
See you all Thursday! :D
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Omo! This is too kyupta for me 😍Lol, when he pulls out his arm "Do you see this? I totally beat them up!"
ooh TOP, I'd cook for you anytime! (and I barely cook myself) *le sigh* Great work as always :)
Right!? Google's how to cook and what TOP's favorite foods are.
I would forget how to cook. and just say... "OK... JUST HAVE AT IT YEOBO! " AND just let him have his fill! He is such a GOD!!!
Wwwaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! T.O.P. gonna have the poor girl starve to death was a good one!!!!!
aigooo good thing I have a culinary background or we'd both be starving.. "I always order out" the nerve of this guy..