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Episode 5~
The soft faux fur of the arm chair helped ease the drilling sensation against your skull. Eyes closed to the harshness of the world, your imagination manipulates itself to the smooth rhythmic patterns of the electric guitar.
With nobody home, curiosity had peeked when your ears picked up his record player singing sweetly in the background as you entered the apartment, drawing your attention towards it and the lone box of records at the base of its stool.
It wasn't the fact that the record player was felt on, nor was it that the sounds that came out of its bell was in a language you knew so well, but instead the fact that it was an album that had been playing on repeat since your arrival a few nights ago.
The wispy voice of Sparklehorse's lead singer, Mark Linkous was soft enough to encourage more exhaustion across your body than you could already handle. Thus giving you the extra motive to enjoy searching through TOP's record collection until you found a golden ticket to suave lane.
The guitar played on, echoing the higher notes off of the bass guitar, the gentle snare in the back creating even rhyme for the man to carry the lyrics in sync. You hum along; your body's own vibration causing a soothing message all over.
A small click reaches your ears, followed by soft thuds against the hardwood flooring gradually increasing in volume until you feel another presence in the room.
“John.... Mayer? Yaah! Why did you look through my collection!? That's personal property!” TOP complains in a teasing tone.
Your lips stretch into a small smile as you wave him off with your head still buried against the arm chair. “Let the man sing, please.”
“Hmph. Only because I'm a fan too, or else I'd switch it back to Sparklehorse.”
You open your eyes and sit properly on the seat. His statue like pose catches your eye, the way he poised himself perfectly in the seat opposite from you, his legs crossed with a fixation solely on you. “Can I help you?” You say slowly.
“Why did you pick this album?”
You lift an eyebrow, “the Continuum album? Uhh, because I know this album?”
He continues to watch you.
“It was good studying music when I was in school. This and Sparklehorse obviously, and plenty of others,” you grin at your memories.
The space between his eyebrows wrinkle in curiosity, “then, when did you start to listen to BigBang?”
“That's personal information,” you laugh, embarrassed to admit how long you've been fangirling over him and the others.
“Tell me,” he presses on.
You wave your hands in front of your as a sign to decline his request while struggling to control your nervous giggles. “So, uh- where did you come from just now?” You shoot away from the current topic on the table.
TOP grins then shakes his head before relaxing his shoulders. “I was having lunch with a friend. Actually, perhaps you know him.”
“I do?”
His grin widens, “Do you know the group, History?”
“His....tory?” you repeat slowly.
“Song Kyung-Il?”
You smile from ear to ear, “Kyung-Il oppa! Of course! How could I forget that you two are close?”
“How did you know we are close?” He smirks, erasing all trace of excitement from your face when you feel him catching on to your ex-creeper ways.
“Er- I-I me-ean- Aren't a-all idols c-close?” You stutter out.
“I've been beating around the bush to ask but now you have me in a trance, who is your favorite among the members and I?”
Your eyes expand like saucers. “What members?”
<<Shit! Don't take it as an answer!>>
TOP chuckles huskily. “The BigBang members.”
<<Oh thank goodness. Of course. What members? I only have eyes for you....>>
“That's too personal information, oppa. Next question.”
“Okay, I can do that.” He uncrosses his legs and leans forth, twining his hands underneath his chin. “If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one member, who would you chose and why?”
His fox like smirk appears, making his face inevitable to look away from. “Who does it come down to?”
You stare at him long and hard, “what is it with you and curiosity? Seriously.”
He chuckles lightly, “I like secrets but I haven't learned many of yours, that's why I want to know.”
You take the opportunity to close your eyes while he chuckles in order to escape the hypnotic trance that threaten your mental stability.
“Just wait, I'll get it out of you,” he keeps chuckling, the depth of his vocals creating goosebumps down your skin.
Your phone beeps with an incoming notification a couple days later at work. You pick it up and swipe in the password, launching the messaging app instantaneously when you saw who it was from your best friend.
“Girl, when you available? Let's Skype and catch up!”
Your fingers glade over the keys, “let me get back to you tonight about time.”
<<Aishh. I have to make sure he's out of the house before Skyping in case she remembered....>>
You rush home at the end of the day and begin searching the apartment for any signs of TOP or his arrival.
<<If he's at work, he should be taking an extra hour or so since it's for the comeback..... eh, I'll be good.>>
With your laptop at hand, you plop down on the couch and wait for your best friend to answer, constantly looking over your back just to double check the the coast was clear.
The call goes through, making you smile brightly when you see your best friend's glowing face through the computer screen.
“Hey! Long time no talk! How are you!” She sang.
“It's been well-ish. How about you?”
“Uh oh. What happened? Details, now.”
You shake your head, “no, you first. If I go first, you won't tell me what's been happening on your end.”
She giggles, “okay fine. Uhh, work has been good, finally getting some of my personal projects out there with the help of what I did for the company you work at-”
“YG Entertainment?”
“Yeah that. Uhh, what else.... hubby got promoted so that's always a plus-”
“Right? Thanks girl. Hmmm- oh! Benji wanted to mail you and his brothers something so I sent it to your address. Have you received it yet?”
“Um, no.”
“Really? Damn, I sent it almost two weeks now-”
“I kinda.... moved.”
Her brows shoot up, “what? Where? Why?”
You reach up and gently touch the small bump on your head, no longer wincing at the pain. “I had my place broken into. The intruders were waiting inside to ambush me, but luckily TOP came back-”
“WHAT! ARE YOU OKAY!?” She explodes, jumping out of her seat.
You smile, “yeah, I'm fine. TOP saved me in the nick of time.”
She freezes, “T.O.P? The T.O.P?”
“Yeah, I'm basically living with him for now, until I relocate somewhere with better security,” you giggle nervously.
She sits down carefully without breaking eye contact with you. “You're telling me, that you're living with Bingu TOP?”
You nod once.
“The very same Bingu TOP that I'm SURE you've yet to make a move on?”
“Don't 'what' me. I saw the way he looked at you.”
“With his eyes?”
She rolls her eyes. “So you're living with your bias. Every girl's dream, and yet, you've yet to confess.”
“Oh, finally remembered he's my bias?” You smirk.
“I've always known, sweetie. I just didn't wanna say anything to stress you out.”
You scoff. “Geez, thanks.”
“But really, why haven't you confessed?”
“Let's not talk about it.”
“Why? You're living with him aren't you? You've got privacy, you have his trust, and it was pretty obvious how he felt about you just by how he interacted with you.”
“Obvious? I don't get it, why should I confess? He doesn't see me like that.”
Your best friend smiles, “oh? What makes you so sure-”
“Because he's T.O. Freaking P! That's why! His standards are top notch and I'm nowhere near that. Yes, I've fangirled over him multiple times, and yes, I have posters and pictures of him on my wall back home in the States, but that's it! It's different when you're in my position, you put so many things at risk that it's not even funny. I could lose my job, I could ruin his career, it just wouldn't work out-”
“Hey, uh-”
“Not to mention that we barely see each other, and when we do, he's usually complaining to me, which is fine, I don't care, but he's also trying to find out who my bias is and there's no way I'm going to straight out tell him THAT!”
“Yo, you may-”
“And let me just say, that man does NOT clean! Do you want to know how many times I've had to clean out the refrigerator? And don't get me started on-”
“YAAH!” she screams.
“What?!” You respond, snapping back from rant mode.
She points towards you, making you wince and point at yourself.
“Turn around!” she hisses eagerly.
Your mental warning bells begin to go off as you slowly turn your head around to see TOP standing behind you like a statue, arms crossed and straight face.
“Oh, what's that Benji? Need me to what? Oh okay! Hey, I'm going to go, I'll talk to you later, okay? Byeee!”
The Skype log off tune plays, abandoning you with the very Bingu TOP that covered your bedroom walls back in the States, except this time, he actually heard you.
Your mouth dries up, eliminating the capability to speak as you simply watch him TOP uncross his hands slowly and place them on both sides of his cheeks. A smirk cracks the corner of his lips.
“Youu liike?”
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