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So I don't know how many people on Vingle have fallen in love with Sechskies after their appearance on Infinity Challenge, but I most certainly was one of those people who did. and also was totally excited to hear they signed a temporary contract with YG. So looking through the YG feed and coming upon these pictures they took, I am so excited for them. Both concert and anticipated songs they might release. Especially with the fact Tablo is working/composing a song for them. I can't wait to hear it. but anyways let's enjoy these pictures.
Jiwon Charismatic Main Rapper/Leader/Vocalist (and a whole bunch of other things.)
Jaejin (Adorable) Main Dancer/ Sub Rapper /Sub Vocalist (and my bias, though he is very much older than me.)
Jae-Duc Lead Rapper/Lead Dancer (& Ball Of Sunshine and Positivity. )
Sunghoon Lead Vocalist (& Forever Young.) (I mean he seriously looks the same regardless of how old he's gotten. )
Suwon Sub Vocalist/Maknae (King of Robot acting.)
So in general I'm very happy and excited for Sechskies and their comeback after a very long time. I'm also happy I was introduced to them, and I'm sure a lot of other people have been introduced to them too. Have you been introduced to this amazing first generation K-pop boy group? and if so are you a DSF? a longtime fan or a Yellow Kies? new fan (new fanclub name.)