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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst(I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 4 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
Kyungsoo's POV Finally, Friday had come he was supposed to meet her at eight. He was going to pick her up, the car he had wasn't too fancy for someone of her status. Even if she didn't seem like the type to get caught up in material value he wanted to at least look impressive to her. Jongin barged into his room, "Hyung you look so handsome." he said. "I still can't believe you asked her out in front of me like that." Kyungsoo answered. "Soo that was like three days ago why are you still upset?" he laughed. "I asked her out in such a hurry I should have waited." "For what, her to get old and gray?" "Jongin it's important how you ask a girl out, I kissed her in such a hurry too. It just made me look too eager. I'm a man not a horny child." Kyungsoo said. Jongin just smiled, "Well you look good, if that's what you're wearing she'll be smiling from ear to ear." he said. Kyungsoo gave him a small smile in the mirror. Jongin left the room after that leaving Kyungsoo to turn to his bookshelf. He looked at all her books she'd written. In just three years of being a writer she had released so much. He went back to the notebook she gave him and looked through it. Only her most recent characters from her past three books were in there. Beyond the willow trees was really sad, the ending was bittersweet. It was an amazing read but that seemed to be a common thing with her. She wrote very sad books. He recalled her saying maybe they shared the same pain when he was talking about the China Prince. When the doll broke leaving Lu upset and alone he understood it. The feeling of being abandoned he understood but he had his friends, they all loved and took care of him just as much as he loved and took care of them. Jongin and him were the closest, becoming friends when they were in middle school. Sehun and Minseok had entered his life shortly after. Sehun had recently moved in with them and was going to Uni. Minseok was getting his masters degree and always seemed to be studying. He gave him some advice the other night. "Girls always like it when you treat them nice. Give her a compliment when you see her, pull out her chair for her to sit down. Open the door for her, nothing is sexier to a woman than a man that knows how to treat her like a lady." he said. Kyungsoo had asked him was he wrong for kissing her out of nowhere. Minseok just shrugged, "Things like that are different for certain women. Some like to be surprised others want a perfect moment, the perfect setting and it has to be done at just the right time. High maintenance girls like that are hard to please and easy to piss off. Not worth the effort, then there are some that just go with it and others that like it if you ask. She sounds like she just went with it which is good because she's not high maintenance. If I were you though I'd plan a little more carefully on how or when you kiss until you two are official." He said it like he just knew Y/N and him were going to hook up. He went to that signing expecting to meet her, compliment her and then leaving after he got his book signed. Instead, he met her and she asked him out, granted she did it because she wanted to use him in her new book but still Jongin had a point: men were supposed to ask girls out. It was a point of pride with him, he didn't want to seem like the cute, adorable type he was a man. He turned down a lot of girls at Uni not because he had hope of dating her but because he didn't find anyone that interested him. He laid back in his bed reading through China Prince again. It really was his favorite book. He wondered what she would do with him as a character. His phone finally buzzed telling him it was time to go pick her up so he drove to the address she sent him a while back. He walked into the front lobby and there was a man in a suit standing by the elevator. He spotted him and walked over just as he reached the front desk to ask about Y/N. "Kyungsoo right? The young miss will be down shortly I will be driving the both of you again today." the driver said. He recognized his face, he drove them to his place when Jongin was faking he was drunk. He smiled at him and the driver smiled back and turned his head to the sound of an elevator beeping. The elevator doors opened and she walked out, when she saw him she smiled. Her eyes shifted to the ground and her hand covered her mouth as though she were embarrassed. She walked up to him and said, "Annyeong Oppa." He stared at her form in the dress, the way her hair fell around her shoulders. The small headband at the top of head. He noticed how the sleeves went down to her palms making them look smaller and more delicate than they were. She was....beautiful. He smiled back at her. "You're blushing more than me." she chuckled. It was probably true, she was really pretty and it was like he was just realizing that now. His hand scratched the back of his head and he smoothed down his hair. He said he was a man but they were both acting like new teenagers. He offered her his arm and she shyly wrapped her arm around his. Her driver stepped in front of them and said, "I'll bring the car around for you now young miss." he said with a slight bow. "Thank you Soojung." she beamed towards him. They followed him out the doors and stood at the front of the building. "I'm sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable Kyungsoo, my brother requested I have him drive us. He's very protective of me." she said. "You have a brother, I had no idea." he said. "Yes, most of my personal life is kept a secret. Men mostly read my books which I never really expected but the more the company advertises me the more I feel like guys are just buying my books to look at me not read. That's why I like you so much you've actually read my books. You get the connections, that makes me happier than anything." she said. He looked at her with wide eyes, he could feel his own face get hot. She made a face almost as if she regretted revealing that much information to him. She hid her face from him as she said, "Sorry I'm never this forward, I'm usually such a coward. You make me act different." "That's okay I'm just not used to it. It's cute when you do it though." he said lightly. She looked at him and giggled, the car pulled up and he opened the door for her to get in just as Minseok had told him. When they made it to the restaurant, he pulled her chair out for her and pushed her in. They started talking about one of her books Clouds out of Heaven. She started to explain the concept of it. "So the plane goes above these clouds and the sun is on the side of us and it's just beautiful. When we looked out the window, I could see the top of the clouds and it just looked like a paradise." she said. "I like the way you described it because it all seemed so real. When Hae jumped off the bird, I thought you may have been killing her off. As I kept reading, it said she was free. I had to go back and read it two more times. I finally realized she was in her dream world but throughout the second half of the book she was already dead." he said. "Yup but the last two things she saw before she slipped into the coma was her father and the rainbow behind him." "Yeah but her father was already dead, she was talking to his ghost the entire time. I never realized that, that meant she was dead." Kyungsoo said. "Well it was meant to throw off the reader on purpose. Although, someone as smart as you I'm surprised you had to read it again or that you even would." she said. The tone in her voice shifted for a second but he caught it. It was like a lonely sound. "I've reread China Prince about five times. It's my favorite." he said. "Why?" she asked. The curiosity in her voice gave Kyungsoo the feeling like she didn't want it to be his favorite. Like the book caused her pain too. "Lu may have just been a ten year old child but I know what it's like to be alone. To feel like the world is pushing you out when you're trying so hard to fit in." he said. "Lu is the closest character I've ever written that is just like me. However, you have roommates. I live alone, the only company I get to look forward to is my brother and his daughter and we don't really interact as much as I'd like. I guess it's mostly on me, I sneak off to my study to write and Yeol knows I like to be alone most of the time but being along gets lonely sometimes, you know?" she said. The sad look in her eye made him want to hold her. He remembered a line in her book Graveyard bells: I walk through darkness alone, I attempt to fight battles by myself. To rely on others is too hard and I fear I have no more strength to be rejected. I look forward to being alone because I can find comfort in the silence but sometimes....even the silence tortures me. In the China Prince, there was something similar that Lu said to Xiu, the China doll: "If I am alone no one can hurt me but being alone hurts too." In the Raven trilogy, there was a record that repeated a line over and over again. Throughout the trilogy, the line was repeated: Alone, Alone all alone to find my peace I will but all alone in this home I still find myself in hell. Kyungsoo knew she had a habit of ending her stories on a depressing note. Her well portrayed characters and her use of symbolism aside, Y/N was best at ending a story in the most heartbreaking of ways. Every artist adds a little of themselves into their stories and that was hers. Kyungsoo's hand reached out to touch her and she looked up at him with calm eyes. The way she sighed at his touch made him see that she was slightly holding back that side of her. She didn't know him so she probably wouldn't reveal much but just by the connection alone he realized something all her other readers weren't seeing. Y/N didn't want to be the object of peoples affection because she was pretty she wanted her readers to read what she was saying. She wanted them to get that she was alone. Maybe she was even more specifically reaching out to one person. Lu wanted her father in China Prince but he was away. She was talking about her father and not caring about seeing him again with Xiu which prompted her to say that line. In Graveyard bells, Yi was walking through the darkness of the graveyard alone while she was being coaxed by a demon from hell. The demon fed her words twisting them so that she felt worse than she already did so it would be easier to drag her down. He prayed on her feelings of abandonment from her father. The song from the Raven's trilogy was always linked to Yin's father, he had gone missing and then was presumed dead by the end of the trilogy. Y/N had stated she left that ending of what happened to her father for open interpretation. All these characters had father's missing from their lives. Like him, like her. "I wish- you didn't feel that way." he said in a whisper. She caught what he said though, "I'm happier when I'm around you. It's nothing to worry about." she said with a smile. This one seemed forced though, "You don't have to pretend, I know how you feel. I do, it sucks but some of the best people in the world enter life without you even expecting it. You just have to wait a little longer even if he doesn't show up." Kyungsoo said. She looked him deep in the eyes for a moment and then smiled softly, this one genuine and not forced at all. His hand was still on top of hers and she grabbed it turning his hand so his palm was up. Her forefinger lightly traced a heart shape on his palm and she said, "This is from my heart to yours. You place it over your heart and keep it safe until I ask for it back." She released his hand and he put his hand to his heart. She smiled bigger with a giggle. He pulled his hand away and leaned in, "What happens if you ask for it back?" "You should hope I never do because that means you didn't take care of it." she said smiling. "Noted." She smiled bigger at him and they finished their dinner and went back to the penthouse... Y/N's POV You never really made it super obvious in your stories but it seemed like Kyungsoo had made the connections. Maybe all it took was your simple statement about living alone. It was the truth though, you were alone and yes you liked it that way but being alone seemed easier than trying to fit in. You were the weird girl in school that had weird panic attacks at what seemed like random moments to the other students. No one but Chanyeol and your foster parents knew why you had them not even the few friends that you made. The reason you got the penthouse anyway was because it was guarded, it was on a top floor and it was almost impossible to break into. You had a little issue with someone threatening your life two years back and after suffering from a panic attack when your window was broken in you couldn't do it anymore. Soo-Young got you the penthouse thinking you'd like it better. At first, you liked all the space and the fact that you could make the room a study but eventually everything sank in that you were alone. You were nineteen and alone, no one understood your panic attacks except for your brother and he had a girlfriend. After what happened a few nights ago, he probably didn't any more but back then they were going on strong. You didn't have anyone to invite into the penthouse except Soo-Young and maybe Chanyeol's girlfriend when she was picking up Hae-won. It wasn't like you had much time to make friends either. You were either doing research for another book or you were working on characters and their separates stories. Between trying to keep active, feeding yourself and all the extra activities Jellyfish publishing had you doing you never stopped working you. You were pushing out books left and right. Going out with Kyungsoo was the most calming event ever and it made you feel amazing. You two got up to the penthouse still talking but you made Kyungsoo talk about himself. What he liked to do with his friends, where he wanted to travel someday, how he liked having roommates. When you reached your door, you stopped and smiled at him. "This is where the date ends I guess." Kyungsoo said. "I suppose." you blushed lightly looking down. You two sat in awkward silence for a second and then you said, "Do you want to come in for a moment?" "Sure." he said after a moment. You opened the door to see your brother and your foster parents sitting on the couch. Another man sitting on the other end, next to your foster father, looked at you with wide eyes. He stood up along with your parents. Chanyeol stood before them his angry face changed to a softer one. "Mom, dad what are you doing here?" you said. "Uh Y/N-" your mother started out. "Is this your date?" Chanyeol interrupted. "Um yeah, Kyungsoo this is my older brother Chanyeol. These are my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wo" you said introducing them. Kyungsoo bowed with a polite smile and said, "It's nice to meet you all." "Um who is your friend?" You asked your parents. "Y/N this is-" "Y/N they'll be out of here soon. You should go entertain your friend for now okay." Chanyeol interrupted again. You looked at him wondering why he was being so rude. You saw the look your foster parents gave him and the man they were with was still staring at you. You felt slightly uncomfortable. You turned to Kyungsoo, Chanyeol knew full well you lacked the ability to argue against him or even call him out on being rude. You took Kyungsoo's hand in yours and walked up the stairs with him. "Hey don't do anything funny you two." Chanyeol called after you. "Chanyeol, I'm twenty one don't you think I should be able to make that decision on my own?" You asked as you kept walking but you could hear him say lightly. "Yeah but you're still my little sister." You walked Kyungsoo into your study and closed the door. You apologized for all the people in your place you had no idea your parents would be there. You half expected Chanyeol to be here. His girlfriend must have Hae-won with her. You pulled out your oldest note book, the one with the notes for China Prince in it and gave it to Kyungsoo. He opened it up with a smile, "These are their individual stories." he said. "There's an epilogue in there for Lu when she's a grown woman. I decided not to put it in the book." "This isn't even in the authors notes special edition they released. Why?" he asked. The true fan in him was coming out which made you smile. You were more than happy to have someone like him as a fan. You wanted him to see you more though. You wanted him to see you as more of a woman than as an author he favored. You weren't sure if he was holding back because he was shy and nervous or because he only saw you through the eyes of a fan. You sighed and walked to the window in your study. "Although the ending was much happier, it seemed unrealistic that Lu would be noticed by her father." you said. "Is that how you feel?" he asked. You turned back to him, "Your stories are sad and the biggest connection is the main character feels alone and abandoned by their father. They spend time searching for something that isn't there. So you feel like it's useless to allow yourself to hope he'll find you?" Kyungsoo said. "Isn't it? Maybe he just doesn't read." you chuckled. He placed the book on the table and came over to you. You were looking out the window again and he looked out with you. "This view seems familiar." he said. You chuckled, "You really know all my books don't you? If you're this good at remembering all you have to do is be good at acting and you can play one of my characters. Hopefully the one you're based off of in the new book." you turned and smiled at him. "I've actually done a bit of acting." He said He looked at you and you smiled, "Kyungsoo Oppa is the whole package huh?" you laughed. He smiled and his hand came up to cup your face slowly and carefully. He stepped up to you and you felt the slight coil in your stomach. His other hand made its way to your waist and he leaned in to kiss you. His lips pressed against yours and you felt the slight swipe of his tongue at your bottom lip. The contact made your mouth open as you took in a breath and his tongue pushed inside your mouth. He moved slow and carefully as though he were waiting for you to decide enough was enough. Your hands met his face and he kissed you a little deeper. The slow pace making you want something more but you weren't too sure what it was just yet. You didn't know if you wanted his hands somewhere else or his body against yours even more. He finally broke the kiss to take a breath and you smiled, "Guess you found the perfect moment." "Sometimes you have to make a perfect moment." he said. You chuckled and ran your fingers through his hair. You two turned back to look out the window and then you realized something. His character was meant to look out the window. You stepped back to get a full view of him,the way his big eyes but blank stare made him look lost in his own world. His relaxed posture, as if there was no hostility to be found. You took in a few more moments drinking up the sight before you before you heard a crash. Both you and Kyungsoo looked at the door but Kyungsoo had moved to look out the door and see what happened. You were trying so hard not to remember the sight, you were trying to shake the memory away. You were begging yourself 'please not in front of him.' "Shit." You could hear Chanyeol's voice say loudly from downstairs. Your heart was racing and you began pacing the floor. You were telling yourself to stop but the more you did the more you sank into the memory. You were begging yourself to forget and your eyes were streaming tears down you face. You were trying to breathe. "Get the Fuck out I need to go calm her down." Chanyeol said. He must've still been with your parents. They were always fighting, the crash of glass must've come from him or your father arguing and fighting and one of them broke something. You tried to take in air but your breaths were short. It wasn't working with you alone because you weren't thinking properly. Your memory was fighting with the half of your brain that didn't want to seem like a freak in front of Kyungsoo and that only made things worse. "Help." You whimpered. You were trying, you could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. Another set right behind the first too. Kyungsoo was already back in the room. He grabbed your hands trying to get you to stop moving and you did. "Hey, just breathe it's okay, it was just one of the vases." he said softly. You nodded, his calm voice helped a little. His hand gently met your face and wiped the tears from your eyes. The confused look in his face made you feel bad. He shushed you gently and pressed his forehead to yours. Your breathing settled and became even again. Your racing heart settled and you looked at Kyungsoo stunned. "How did you that?" Chanyeol's voice came from behind him. Kyungsoo looked back and he said, "My mother had panic attacks from certain noises like that too. It was tough for her to breath and she'd often faint. I learned that I needed to stay calm for her and get her breathing in order to get it to stop. Normally if I explained to her what happened in a calm voice and made her feel like everything was okay she would calm down her breathing." "Kyungsoo-" you didn't know what else to say. You instantly hugged him... He stopped your panic attack. He stayed by your side. He rubbed your back lightly and asked if you were okay. You said yes as you pulled away. "I need to get back to the apartment, will you be okay for now?" he asked. "Yes, thank you." you said. He smiled at you and patted your head before he turned to leave. "Kyungsoo wait." you called after him. He stopped and turned around to look at you. You placed the note book for China Prince in his hands. "Keep it, it's yours." you said. "Y/N." "Seriously Kyungsoo- No one but my brother has ever done that for me. Please, take it." you said. He looked at the book in his hands and smiled up at you. "I'll hold onto it for you." he said. He headed down the steps and walked out of the penthouse. "You need to leave." Chanyeol had said to the man that was with your parents. "Now." he said again when he didn't move or respond. You looked at Chanyeol wondering what was going on. The man sighed, he was still staring at you but he turned around and said, "Goodbye Y/N." He was out the door after that. Chanyeol came over to hug you and apologized for breaking the vase. You didn't bother to ask him why he broke it or how. Your mind was focused on one thing and one thing only.... Prince Kyungsoo.
❤❤❤❤ i love how the emotion you pour into your stories intrigues and captures the reader's...seriously been a fan since your first story i love your your making me bias D.O and Suho ❤❤
lol thank you for being a fan I am also struggling with Suho and D.O staying in their lanes so you're not alone 😂😂😂😂
Aww Prince Kyungsoo💖 Her prince charming on a white horse! LOVE him!😍
please please please tag me in the next one I love your story! it's so interesting and it makes me feel like I'm actually the character. You would be an amazing writer
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thank you so very much
Awwwww that was so cute and sweet!! It's also a good background/understanding of the characters!!! But who the farm is the man that came with my foster parents!!??
All I can think is Prince Kyungsoo sweet.
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