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Alright Guys, Let's Talk About Something

So there is some drama unfolding on Twitter right now and I want to set some things straight.

Some "ARMY"* are saying that before BTS, no one talked about suicide, depression, and even more serious topics in Kpop.

Which is just false.

* I put ARMY in quotes because I don't believe true ARMY would ever say this...
Sure, they are one of the biggest groups right now and they're talking about serious stuff but they weren't the first - don't discredit the hundreds of artists that came before them.

BTS wouldn't like it, and on top of that its just not TRUE.

Referencing Depression/Suicide/Mental Illness:

Park Jung Min (2011) - Not Alone
Song Ji-Eun (2011) - Going Crazy
Lee Hi (2012) - Am I Strange?
Epik High (2011) - One (Basically every Epik High song. They're lyrics are stunning) (Actually Tablo's entire solo album was basically about how he was on the verge of suicide but his wife and daughter were the only ones that saved him)
g.o.d. (2000s) - One Candle (g.o.d has inspired SO many Korean artists today)
2NE1 (2011) - Ugly

Referencing Racism or Discrimination:

Michelle Lee (2014) - Without You
Song Ji-Eun (2014) - Don't Look At Me Like That
AKMU (2014) - Melted

Basically, let's not forget the incredible artists that inspired the current generation.

BTS doesn't have to be the FIRST to be doing something special.

Just something I had to get off my chest.
not to mention the countless amount of idols who have talked about mental illness in interviews and stuff, not just in songs. this kind of behavior of some armys is what gives everyone a bad rep
Bigbang has implied suicide in the video for Loser. Alot of Bigbang's music is angsty. Haru Haru being a stand out also.
I think this card was beautiful and I love that you addressed it
brown eyed girls-clensing cream it's more about personality disorders thought. but personal problems none the less
I haven't actually heard of this until now.
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