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Annyeong beautiful people! I'm back with Chapter 6! it's really late, sorry. Anyway It gets really cute! I hope you like it! ♡ 》Part 1《 》Part 2《 》Part 3《 》Part 4《 》Part 5

Happy Reading!

Chapter 6:

-I Want you- 》Who would ever thought that I would be in love with you? Who would ever thought you would be in love with me? Was it fate all along? What would ever thought? 《
Yoongi's friend's attention was to him, they were about to hear what Yoongi had to say to them that was so important. "Okay... I been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to figure out myself, my feelings, and I have realized for so long, all this time, that I..", He paused for a minute. The boys had their eyes glued to Yoongi, it creep him out a bit. He became a little nervous. He then continued, clearing his throat.. I.. I like Y/n..The look on the boys face was priceless. Before they was about say something ,Yoongi continued, No.. I think I'm in love with her. He said putting his head down, smiling .Then an excited Jin yells out,"HA! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I TOLD YALL BUT YA DIDN'T WANNA BELIEVE MEEEE!", Jin was jumping up and down, running around them. "omg", said Jimin who had his mouth open. "Did you guys hear that?? HYUNG IS IN LOVE!!", said Taehyung. Yoongi tried to say something else but he was cut off by Hoseok, "Awwwwwwwww how sweet! I'm gonna cry!". Jung Kook was speechless. He never knew those kind of words would come out of Yoongi's mouth. "Well damn.. are you serious hyung?", Namjoon asked with a serious look. "Yeah man.. I'm serious". "I knew you was fronting like a mf.. lier.."," Shut up Jin.. It's  bad enough I feel embarrassed..","There's no need to feel embarrassed, we are you best friends. You know you can tell us anything", said Hoseok smiling brightly. Yoongi was concerned about Jung Kook because he was the only one who didn't react to the news. "Jung Kookie ah.. say something already", He finally spoke, "Man.. I don't really know what to say I'm shocked. When did you start liking her?", "I don't know.. Maybe I aways did like her.. from the very beginning.  But it wasn't nothing major.. I thought she she was cute.. that was it but I think it all started when she was carrying these books down the stairs, she was about to fall, and I caught her in my arms. We stared at each other for awhile and my heart just started beating like crazy. After that I couldn't stop thinking about her.  I know it sounds weird to you guys. I even started to watch after her when she's walking home. It's been times I even had to fight for her..". Then out of nowhere Jin said, "You stalker..". Everyone started laughing. Taehyung adds in "Hyung wants to protect y/n .", He smiled brightly. Yoongi sighs, "So anything else you guys want to ask me?","So when are you going to tell her?", Jimin asked. He took a deep breath, "Tomorrow! I'm going to tell her tomorrow.", Then finally Namjoon, "We're happy for you man. We are rooting for you. Fighting!!. Everyone else, "Fighting!! woooo!".

Later on that night~

"YA! Y/n! Pass me another beer!", a drunk Ailee yelled out. "Ya Ailee! don't you think you had a little bit too much? That's enough for you!", you said trying to take the beer out of her hand but she moves her hand away quicky. "No! Just let me be!". You were concerned about Ailee because she never drunk so much before. Something really must be bothering her and you had to figure out what. "Why are you so stressed out? Did something happen?". She looked up at you with her drunken stare, "How come I can't find the right boyfriend? Why doesn't anyone want me?", she said in a sad tone. You went to go sit down on the couch next to her, wrapped your arms around her, "Ailee you are a beautiful, intelligent, sweet,and funny girl. I'm pretty sure there's someone out there that wants you. I mean why won't they? You have a nice body, long hair, I can go on. But don't think that way, you'll be alright.", you said smiling before embracing her. Ailee finally put the beer down on the table and looked up at you, "Thanks y/n I love you so much, you're the best friend I never had, I'm so happy that we met. Without you, I don't know what I would do", "stop before you make me cry you brat and you shouldn't drunk so much, it's not good for You". Both of you started laughing. You were about to go to bed when Ailee grabbed your wrist, stopping you, you turned around to her. "Y/n.. I have something to tell you". You looked at her with worried eyes. "Is there something wrong?,"come here sit down". So you sat down next to her, giving her your attention. "I.. like someone", Your eyes widen a bit, "Omg really?? Who? Who is it?!", you said jumping up and down on the couch. "Calm down and I'll tell you", she said laughing. "But first, I'll give you a hint..  it's one of Yoongi's friends.." :)

Next day at school~

You and Ailee was walking in the hallway, on the way to class. You couldn't stop teasing Ailee about her secret crush. You were all In her face, rubbing it in, and she was slightly annoyed. "Grrr stop y/n! That's enough! Ugh I shouldn't have never told you if you were going to act this way!", " Girl shut up! I'm just happy for you that's all, well don't be", you and Ailee started laughing. You were so eagered to find him in the hallway to torture her more because you found it hilarious. You were an asshole for this. Then suddenly you saw Yoongi and his friends walking on the opposite side you guys. You whispered to Ailee, "Aileee there go yo boo", you said cracking up. ((refer to the gif #2! :)♡)) "Stop! Don't go this, not now", she whispered back. As the boys  was walking by they spoke to both of you but then Yoongi sticked his tongue out playfully at you. You just stared at him while he cracked a smile. After they walked passed and turned the corner, you tapped Ailee on the shoulder, "ya ya.. did you see that?!", "yep! Yall gay", you busted out laughing, "what?! How? We don't even go out yet..". You just realized you said yet, you tried to take it back but it was too late. Ailee's eyes widen a bit, "HA! so you do like Yoongi?!", she said pointing at you. "What?? No...", you looked down laughing. "You do don't you?", she got all serious. You hesitated a bit before telling her the truth. "See y/n it's okay, you didn't have to lie or hide your feelings. It's cool", "I guess", now I get to tease you!". Ailee got her revenge as she bothered you on the way to class.
It was time to go to gym, this time your gym teacher let everybody go outside today. It was so hot outside, you and Ailee sat under a tree where it was plenty of shade. You were fanning yourself with one of your notebooks while Ailee was on her phone. Suddenly the boys walked over to where yall was. "Sup y/n, Sup Ailee", Namjoon greeted yall. "Nothing much really you see, it's hot as hell out here", you said. "C'mon ladies get up and excercise, have some fun!", Jimin said sounding excited. "Bye Felicia!", said Ailee. Everyone started laughing. Jimin was confused, he didn't get it.  Then weirdly Yoongi said something to you, "It's because you're boring", you snapped back, "no.. you're boring!", "fight me". You looked at him weirdly and laughed, "No I don't want to", then he snatched your notebook out of your hand, yelling, "SNATCHIES!", running away with it. You got up and chased him around. He was giggling and so were you. 》Your P.O.V:《 Okay that's strange, first he sticks his tongue out to me, now he wants to play around. What's gotten into him? I can't believe I'm playing with him back. Weirdly, I like this. I like this new side of Yoongi but again he's still an asshole and play too much! You finally caught up to him, "Okay that's enough, I'm tired, give me back my notebook", "nope", He said smiling. Yoongi had a adorable gummy smile, you low key couldn't resist. It gave you butterflies. "You play too much", "and you play too less". You busted out laughing at him. You went closer to him as he backed back. "My notes are in there stupid", "Oh really? I sure do need some help with my work, what class", "Ms. Kem, Science, 6th hour ",Oooo! Wait we do got that same class, I forgot", "So??", "So.. let me borrow your notes or..", "or what?", "or give me a kiss", Yoongi said with a smirk. You stop in your tracks. You then turned around to the opposite way, "keep it", and walked off. You felt yourself blushing,  your cheeks felt hot. Yoongi  was just standing there laughing and smiling.
Meanwhile, Ailee was still sitting by the tree on her phone. She looked up to see Hoseok standing in front of her. The rest of the boys left and it was just him there. Ailee felt nervous.  He was just standing there looking around. "Ya.. Hoseok are you just going to stand there or sit down?","oh.. yeah sure haha". He sat next to Ailee. At first it was a awkward silence between the two. Then Hoseok broke the silence, "Sooo Ailee what you been up to?",nothing much.. you know school, volleyball, and job searching.. what about you?","Wow that's nice and of course school, dancing, rapping.", "wow! I didn't know you dance and rap! Show me something!", ayee not today but hey I was thinking maybe we can hang out some time". Ailee eyes glowed up, "Are you asking me out on a date Jung Hoseok?", "what if I am?", He said smirking.
So you are on your way to your last class. As you were walking down the hallway you saw Yoongi and some girl at the lockers talking. You happen to hear their conversation from across the hall. "Yoongi.. let me borrow  your notes for Ms. Kem", "no way.., why not bae?". You thought to yourself, "Bae??". "I told you not to call me that, I'm not your bae, we're not dating","Aww come on.. please..", the girl said getting closer to Yoongi's face. He was trapped against the locker. She lift one leg up on him, wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in and kissed him on the lips. You instantly stopped walking. You saw as they were making out. You couldn't believe it. You became so angry. Yoongi opened his eyes while the girl still attacking his lips, he saw you standing there with a upset look. You stormed off. He pushed the girl off of him. "Wait Yoongi!", she grabbed on into his arm. "Let go! Ugh you're such a slut! Go away!", He snatched from her grasp. "I'm a slut for youuu!", she laughed mischievously. Yoongi tried to catch up to you to explain but then he stopped in his tracks. You were so pissed you had your head down. Suddenly you bumped into someone. You looked up and it was Ravi! You were suprised because you haven't saw him in weeks and wondered where have he been. "Ravi...", "Sup beautiful", He said smirking at you. "Where have you been all this time","oh I was out of town for some family matters", "oh... okay..", "hey what's wrong? You don't look too well", He said lifting up your chin to look at him, it gave you chills all over your body. "It's nothing", you tried to laugh it off. "Well it's a good thing I ran into you, I was wondering, would you like to go out on a date with me?"  You were shocked that he just asked you out. 》Your P.O.V:《 Well.. Ravi is sweet, caring, and  handsome.. And it seems like he has changed a lot. He's more mature now. At least he's not asshole like Yoongi or make out with random girls.. perhaps I should give him a chance..?? "Well beautiful, what do you say?", He said smiling at you. You looked around then turned around to see Yoongi standing there staring at you and Ravi. You turned back around to face Ravi, "Sure.. why not", you said as you took one final look at Yoongi and walked away with Ravi. Yoongi had the look of shame and disappointment on his face. He was so pissed he punched and kicked the lockers, screaming to the top of his lungs.....

Uh oh! Someone is mad! & shit is getting real! Do you think you and Yoongi will work it out? Will you choose Ravi over Yoongi? You'll find out what happens next week in Chapter 7!

*S/n: the part where Ailee calls you and Yoongi gay, it's another way of saying you two are cute together. Trust me, my sister in law says that to me and my boyfriend when we're together lol *Another S/n: A new ship/couple has been created! What do you guys think about Hoseok and Ailee being together? :) ♡ I can't think of a ship name though lol. help.. *Photos and gifs does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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you have done it again🙌🙌🙌🙌,my feeling went from yay to let me slap him then let me slap myself back to reality 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌
Lol 😂
I think I was too haste to run off like that. How about Ailho for ship name!