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Sakura is an orphan since she was three years old, and now she is really all alone after her grandma died in last spring. Suddenly, four guys showed up and said if they are Sakura's step brothers! ------------------------------------------- The first time I read the story on Hanalala, I thought it wouldn't be good because the girl is too weak (for me), childish, and such a crybaby. I skipped the story everytime I read Hanalala (Hanalala is manga-magazine contains many mangas in one books with different mangakas). And it began since I didn't have anything to read and I decided to read this manga. So fascinating! I really like those siblings a lot! I really like those brothers and hope I have one! lol And incest. That was the first thing why this manga is so fascinating. They're not totally incest since they're step siblings but still.... brotherxsister!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk >///< Okay forgive my abnormal. Rating: 7.5/10
Sorry guys I haven't post anything in these few days. I had a lot of troubles in my school TAT
Question of The Day

"Do You Have Siblings?"

Mine: "I have one sisters. She is three years older than me."
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Its 8 of us. Im number 4 !
whoa you have a big family :D