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Arthur Note:
We sat by a river, near a tree that was as old as the universe. It was beautiful. He called it his home and told me more of his story.
Junmyeon woke up with a throbbing headache and puffy eyes. He pulled the blanket over his head trying to block out the light and everything else for that matter but it was no use. It was there, the world and his problems. He rolled out of bed and walked to the living room where he thought he'd find Chanyeol but there was no one there on the couch. He heard clanging noises and followed it to the kitchen. There he found noona washing dishes and taking sips of coffee. He wanted a cup so bad.

"Can I get some coffee?" He asked. She whipped around half startled. She quickly grabbed another cup from the cupboard and poured it for him as he sat down at the table. "What time is it? Felt like I slept for only a few minutes."

"Umm, it's nearly 2. I don't blame you for sleeping so long." She said sitting down across from him. In a way, she missed talking to Junmyeon. Out of all the guys, he was the only one who she talked to like a real friend. He looked up at her with his puffy eyes and drank his coffee.

After a few minutes, he figured he better say something. He looked over at her, watched her play with her coffee but she didn't seem to mind the silence. She was probably used to it, being out here by herself for most of the time. It kind of made him mad to think that Sehun was being so selfish, leaving her alone for long periods of time but their schedule had been hectic as hell in the last few months, months Sehun should've been here with her.

"How can you stand it, being here by yourself? Noona if I had known, I would have came to see you, kept you company." He said trying to sound more concerned than angry.

She just smiled, "I know you would have. I've been alone most of my life, so I'm used to it."

"He should be here with you"

"That's why he wants to make our marriage public so that he can be here." She said, then she grumbled in frustration, "But it freaks me out thinking about what will happen. I don't want the baby to get hurt." She hated talking about it. When he seen that it bothered her, he changed the subject.

"Where did Chanyeol go?" He asked.

"He said he had some stuff to do in the city. He was going try to talk to the attorney. I was thinking that you should write what went on that night along with how she treated you. Something like a written testimony, who knows, it might help."

He nodded.

She reached across the table, taking his hand, "You shouldn't have ran. It only makes you look guilty."

"I know but I got scared. I dragged Chanyeol into this and now you. He's going to kill me for getting you involved."

She smiled, "Let me worry about him, he knows how I am. But still, I called an acquittance of mine that might be able to help. He's a jerk but can probably get some inside info. I wish I could do more."

"You've done enough by letting me come here. Especially behind your husband's back no less." He shook his head, letting a laugh out, "That's sounds a bit awkward calling him your husband but I'm glad. It explains why he matured so much over the past year."

She laughed too, "Anyway I called this guy because I heard something on the news this morning that sounded off from what you said."

Junmyeon sat up, curious of what the news was reporting now, "What was it?"

She was about to tell him when Chanyeol came running in the front door, yelling for Junmyeon. Junmyeon jumped up and went into the living room, his heart beating fast thinking of the worse. He immediately thought of his parents. His dad had been sick lately and all this trouble pushed him over the edge of a heart attack. Then he imagined his mother sitting at her husband's side, crying.

Chanyeol was looking out the front window, watching the car he had seen by his apartment building and now here. He watched it pull away from the other house and drive past them.

"What's going on?" Jun asked standing behind him looking out. He half expected to see a police car parked outside but there was no one.

"We better get out of here. I think I was followed." He said sitting down on the couch.

"What about noona? I don't want to leave her like this..."

"It's okay, I told Sehun where we were. He was upset but he understands," he got up and went over to their noona, grabbing her by the hand, "He said to get you out of here if I have to and I think it's best you do leave right now. Do you have somewhere to go for a few days?"

"Yes. What did he say? I was getting a little worried because he hadn't called." She said going up to her room.

"I told him to stop calling so much. I spoke to the attorney, he said their more than likely tracking all the calls going in and out." He looked at Junmyeon, "You were right about that."

She came back down with a small bag and dressed to go. "If you see him, tell him I went to Lu's, he'll know what I mean." Just as she got to the door, her cellphone rang. She spoke briefly and then hung up. She opened her email and then rushed over to the computer. She quickly opened her email there and printed what she had gotten from her friend. "It's nice to know shady people sometimes." She folded it and handed it to Junmyeon. "It's the best I can do for you, little brother."

Junmyeon thanked her, his heart broke after hearing her call him that.

They got into their cars but she stopped them from going back towards the highway, "Take this road all the way back, at the crossroads turn right. It's a long drive but it'll take you back to the city."

They thanked her and parted ways.
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