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Sorry it's a bit late, but enjoy nonetheless!
First I know he's gonna want to dress to really keep your attention. He'd be the type to go so far as to have you and him wear couples tees or dress similarly. He loves your eyes on him. It can come across as a bit clingy or jealous, but you think it's endearing that he wants it obvious you're a couple.
He'd take you to the modern art gallery and want to constantly have his arm around you or your hand in his. He'd be silly sometimes and pretend to be jealous of some of the portraits you'd stare too long at. He'd pout and tell you that he's cooler. Of course you'd argue with him, and he'd pout even more and act hurt until both of you drop the act and giggle at each other's antics.
As the night carried on, he'd notice this one fella that keeps flirting with you, even though it's obvious you're taken and you try ignoring him, but Changsub can tell you're getting annoyed. He steps in and tells this guy how it is. To mind his own business, leave his woman alone, and appreciate the art on the walls, not the art by his side.
Finally he leaves you guys alone and the rest of the tour, Changsub keeps making you giggle by mimicking some of the poses in the artwork or standing in front of it pretending to be the center piece. Your cheeks hurt from smiling and giggling so much as you leave the gallery. You truly did enjoy him more than rhe wall art, and your heart skipped a beat now and then. You think the date is over, but he says there's one more place he wants to show you.
He takes you to a building you'd never seen before. A receptionist greets him and he tells her that he reserved room 3 for 1 hour. You start to blush wondering what he is thinking. You have your doubts as you follow him, and it turns out its a photo studio. He tells you after all the art he's seen tonight, nothing beats the artwork that is you, and he wants to show you what he sees. He gets you in the spotlight and you're suprised and how professional he is with his photography skills. Afterward he shows you his favorites and you're blown away at how pretty you look. He tells you you're like that in his eyes 24/7 and he wanted you to feel as beautiful as you truly are. He looks at you with a gaze that makes you blush and you're speechless. You look down and tuck your hair behind your ear and he gently grabs your face with both hands, looks you in the eyes, and leans in for a soft and long love filled kiss before he takes you home.
Changsub would make my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. This is beautiful! Such a classic guy he is. After we kiss, can you teach me to skateboard?
Ooohh, YES!! Gotta see those skateboard skills.
This is so cute. I can only imagine how my cheeks would hurt from laughing so much. That kiss at the end was pretty wow.
To me, he seems like he'd be the most nervous going on a least for the first 15 min or so.