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@GamerKyumin that is the most deep but beautiful comment I have ever seen
Haha, I just want the truth 😅
I had a really random thought. What if, if everybody hadn't gone to music, all of this would have been their reality? Like, Yoongi walked away from music for a while and suddenly, he's led onto a darker path. So, when he tries to turn back and take the path of music, he couldn't anymore. Same with Jungkook, though in his case, I feel like he would have died by suicide. At the same time, Jimin is trying to keep up a facade about being happy with his path of life, but he would have been happier with music. And Taehyung would have been able to support his mother if he had gotten famous with music rather than be helpless... Basically, they all need music and each other to keep them going :O
Oh wow 😵 I've never thought of it that way.
good bye my existence