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DAY 85 - Favorite shoujo anime?

I've already said this before about how "Say, I Love You" is up there on my anime rankings. Meaning it's one of my all time favorite anime's. It is also my favorite shoujo anime, not favorite romance anime. That goes to "Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama".
Mei Tachibana was once a regular girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. But after a traumatic incident where all her so-called friends suddenly turned their backs on her, Mei's idea of friendship changed forever. In order to stop herself from ever going through the same awful experience again, she decides to stay away from people as much as possible, and ideally, to never make any friends ever again. This tactic seems to have worked relatively well in her current high school life, and she didn't at all mind being thought of as gloomy and strange. However, the appearance of Yamato Kurosawa鈥攐ne of the most popular boys in her high school鈥攕hakes her stable foundation of an introvert, and makes her question whether or not her choices were indeed the right ones.
Not only does Yamato not ignore her like everyone else seems to be doing, he also decides to freely give her his phone number! As their relationship slowly develops, and is marked with an unexpected kiss, Mei is finding it very hard to adapt to this new life style, and hardest of all, to express her true feelings towards Yamato. Sukitte Ii na yo. follows their developing relationship, as well as their frequent disagreements, to portray how difficult it can really be to say "I love you."


Say, I Love You is just a well put together anime and it inspires me to trust and make more friends. As I have said before. I also said that this is one of my favorite anime's and I have seen quite a few anime's. But this one sticks out to me so much. It gives a realistic feeling. What I mean by that is that the characters have real life situations that are relatable. It being either self-conscious, having no trust in others or making friends. It is super slice of life and I enjoy it. The animation is very unique, when I first saw the trailer when it came out. I was like "That art style is so different, I like it and the story seems so cute!" I watched this anime right after it finished airing and marathoned it. I loved everything about it. My favorite thing about this anime overall was the relationship between Yamato and Mei because they have trust issues like a normal couple but later you know that they truly love each other deeply. It's true love and they have such a sweet relationship that I want. This shoujo anime shows the struggles and breakthroughs of couples. It's a fun story that I fell in love with right away because of the funny and cute couple that also broke my heart at one point because of Yamato but put my heart back together again. So, it's okay. Also the ending song, is one of my favorites. It's one of the few anime's that I can watch multiple times and never get sick of it!


Ao Haru Ride (BLUE SPRING RIDE) - The adaptation of my favorite manga turned into an anime which was amazing too. A great shoujo that I really hope still has a chance of getting a 2nd season because I know so many people want one including me and it needs one. If you read the manga you would understand why it needs one. We haven't gotten enough development between the main couple in the anime although I still enjoyed it, I need a 2nd season! Has one of my favorite anime openings ever.
Kimi Ni Todoke (FROM ME TO YOU) - This was the first anime that got me to read the manga which I loved just as much as the anime but I think I still enjoyed the anime more because I am one to enjoy anime versions more than manga. I like to see things put into action. I loved the music from this anime. So light and pretty to listen to! The animation was different but I liked it! The openings were colorful and bubbly. It is a pure, light hearted romance shoujo that people either love or hate but I for one loved it. Especially Kazehaya because he's a cutie.
Special A - A fun competitive romantic shoujo that is compared to Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama because the main couple is similar to Takumi and Misaki but not at the same time. I really recommend this one, it's cute and funny! I love how competitive the main couple is with each other, it's super cute and the way they take care of each other is sweet.
Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji (WOLF GIRL AND BLACK PRINCE) - This was another like Ao Haru Ride that I read before the anime adaptation came out and I liked it and was super excited for the anime. Guess what? I was not disappointed, I loved it so much. The animation is so bright and colorful. It can change a characters mood in seconds. The main couple is so entertaining and funny. They are one of the funniest couples I've seen in anime, Kyouya always bullies Erika and it's hilarious but he has his sweet side. He just gets embarrassed easily from doing cute things like saying "I love you" which I find so adorable in a guy. The music is so upbeat and fun to listen to! Cute romantic comedy that I definitely recommend.
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama - My favorite romance anime right here. So of course it had to be an honorable mention as well for the shoujo category because it is the cutest anime in my opinion and probably many others too. Every episode has at least one or two cute scenes and it will suck you in. You will want someone like Takumi as do I. (ACTUALLY I WANT SOMEONE JUST LIKE KOU FROM AO HARU RIDE, HE'S MY IDEAL TYPE!) Like I was saying, Takumi is great too XD. The music is so fun to listen to, especially the ending songs.
I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite shoujo anime is!
Let Me Know! ^.^~
Kaichou wa maid-sama takes my #1 spot. Cause of the wifey Misaki 馃槏 and the badass Takumi 馃槑
I love this one and Ao Haru Ride!
plus many more
damn I have many ohshc kimi no todoke say I love you
Say I Love you, Ao Haru Ride, My Little Monster, Kimi ni Todeke, I can go all day *-*
I can go all day too but I had to tame myself 馃槀
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