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Welcome one and all to week 1 of the month long G-Dragon event!
While I am late in my card for week 1 (today is the final day), you can still join in on the event by checking out the week 1 announcement card HERE.
Without further ado, let answer some questions!

Who is G-Dragon to you?

I like how we are starting this off with a nearly impossible question to answer.
In all honesty, he is someone I aspire to be like. Successful in the my talents while remaining a humble person. He seems to be someone you can easily talk to and have a laugh with once you get past the name and remember that he is a normal guy in the end.

What's the first GD song you heard?

I remember my friend playing it when it first came out and I thought the video was insane yet brilliant (and also discovered that GD is an unfairly good looking woman!).

What would you do if you met GD?

Well, after getting over my initial shyness and stopping my face from burning off in embarrassment, I would give him a hug because he looks like he gives nice hugs. After that, I would just take whatever time I had left with him to just chat and get to know him a little better (and maybe convince him to slip me TOP's number...shhh....).

Favorite G-Dragon quote?

There are two that really speak to me:
"Kill them with success and bury them with a big smile."
"What we should really fear is not failure but the heart that is no longer brave enough to take risks and embrace challenges."
I've been told a lot in my life that I'm not good enough and these quotes really speak to me in that I want to proof all those people wrong, that I can do what I love and be good at it while doing it in a positive and honest way. The second quote is motivational in not giving up and letting insecurities get the better of me.

Favorite Youtube video of GD?

Their appearance on Winner TV where the Winner boys had to interact with the member they were told they were most compatible with. GD is adorable and tortured that poor boy. haha!

What G-Dragon songs describes your life?

That XX
It's the story of my life.

Sexiest photo of GD? (Your favorite)

I have a soft spot for red/orange haired GD. It's my personal favorite look on him and that gaze!

Recent GD gif?

I love when he plays with his hair.
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