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Hello vinglers! I am back with yet another oneshot starring Do Kyungsoo of exo! Enjoy!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
I'll take care of you (a Do Kyungsoo oneshot) It was 10AM and you had just woken up. Rubbing your eyes and looking out the window. The sun was out and you were happy. You got up, put your robe on, and went to the kitchen to make yourself some cereal. As you were serving yourself, you were about to sit down on the couch until the doorbell rang. You set your cereal down, and you open the door. "Kyungsoo, I thought you were busy toda-" he cut you off as he kissed your lips. He closed the door behind you and you went back to the couch and ate your cereal. You turn on the tv and tuned to the morning news on your local news channel. He tapped your shoulder, and you looked at him. He pointed at your bowl, then to his lips. You scoop up a small serving of your cereal and you feed it to him. He induces it from your spoon and you continue eating. Once you were done eating, you took your bowl to the sink, rinsed it and put it back. Kyungsoo back hugged you and you turned around to look at him, rubbing him with your thumb and kissing him until he picked you up and took you to your bedroom. He laid you down on the bed and he yanked your thong down off your feet. He started to lick your juices as you leaked so much for his love as he continued to eat you out and he poked his tongue up your hole, licking up all your juices until you were dry. He then got on the bed, and kissed you as you slip off your robe and you tiny nightie as well as his shirt. He then pulled the covers over the both of you as he undid his pants and he kicked off his shoes as well as his socks. You rub his back as he yanks his pants off as well as his briefs. He then began rubbing himself on you and you flip him over and bang on his crotch until his dick was up your hole. Then you slowed down on him and he rolled over and hovered over you and kissed your neck. You pull him close, wanting his touch, and you rub his back with your smooth hands. He then rose, looked at you deep in your eyes, and kissed your lips with passion and you roll over on top and you kiss his neck. You then lean on your side as you hook your legs on his back and he does the same to you. You both kissed until you ran out of oxygen. You both were on your backs, catching your breath, breathing heavily until there was silence. You got up, grabbed your robe, and went back to the couch to watch tv. Kyungsoo followed you and grabbed a small pillow by the wall and sat down next to you. "Aren't you cold?!" You asked him. "Nah, I'm fine!" He replied. Kyungsoo placed his arm around you and you leaned on his shoulder as the both of you were watching tv. He kissed your head and petted your hair. "I love you (r/n)." Kyungsoo said to you. "Me too D.O., me too." You replied. You two were watching tv for the rest of the day.
Alright! I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want more oneshots from me, please comment who you want below! Also this will be my second entry for the exo fan fic contest held by @SarahVanDorn. More information here: