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Is week 1 event!!! Week 9/1~9/8 here comes my card and my answers!!! please join us details as link below↧↧↧↧

Q: Who is GD to you?

A: Big Bang Leader! TOP's best bro! Song Writer! Fashion King! or just a cute talent Korean Guy!!!

Q: What’s the first GD song you heard?

A: I am not sure which is the first. This Love! Crooked! Heartbreaker!

Q: What would you do if you met GD?

Hm…what would I do…ask him for TOP’s Line account and spam him with LOVESsssss. And I might shake his hand and touch his booty a little before security guard take me out! Is this you haven't see the really crazy side of me!!!

Q: Favorite GD quote

A: Why so serious~~

Q: Favorite GD Video

A: Crooked!!! I love him with the silver gold hair and Hugh cross tattoo(makeup) he has on!!! So badly cute!!

Q: What GD song describes your life?

A: That XX (For the people I hate)Yup you are just a "XX" A: My Obession (For the people I love) I am creepy up on you ...watching you~~~

Q: Recent GIF

As attached

Q: Sexiest Photo of GD

As attached above
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omg the "What's would you do if you met GD" section has me dead 😂😂😂 lmaoooo~~~ *meets GD* "so....about TOPs line account..." *grabs his booty* *gets grabbed by security* "Alright fellas my work here is done ....take me away ~~ #CrayTown lmaoooo ☕🐸👌
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@KwonOfAKind...I am also doing for myself...Booty love!!!