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Hey guys!!! So I entered an Exo one shot that @SarahVanDorn has started. This is my first one-shot and I hope you all enjoy. Here's the link if you would like to join

This One-Shot fanfiction contains smut.


"Chanyeol are you sure you will be fine here by yourself?" Suho asked. All of the members were going out to enjoy their free day that Mr. Lee Soo Man gave us for the work effort we put in since our debut. "Yes Suho, I'll be fine. Go have your fun with everyone else." I told him as I was trying to push him towards the door, where everyone else was. I know your probably thinking, why am I not going. Well I want to have a little time to myself to compose some songs and recuperate myself from working hard. He didn't seem to want to leave me as he hesitate for a second but then sighed and nod. "Okay okay, just call if you need anything." "Don't worry, I will" I told him as I waved my members good bye. Once I heard the door click shut and made the locking noise. I pumped my fist in the air. "Yes free at last!" I yelled with excitement. I rushed to my room, sliding on the floor with my slippers into Baek's and mine room. I sat down on my spinning chair. Clicking the power button to turn on my computer. I tucked my knees together and spinned in the chair as I waited for the computer to warm up. "Weee!!!" I had my hands in the air as I spinned one last time. Placing my hand on the mouse, I clicked on my composing folder where I had some of the composing songs I already had. I put my headphones over my ear and started my work. As I was too focus on the work I was doing. I didn't notice that there was a fake hand resting on my shoulder. When I looked at it. I jumped up in the air. Throwing my head phones off. "Shit!!" I cursed as I placed my hand over my fast beating heart. "Hahaha you should have seen your face hahaha!!" Baekhyun was laughing as he rolled on the floor, holding his stomach and pointing at me. He had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. I tsk and rolled my eyes. "It wasn't that funny." I muttered under my breathe but he heard me. "Yes it was and you know it" he said which caused him to laugh even more. "Why are you even here?" I asked him as I set myself back down in the chair. I popped a blank cd in the cd player of my computer. "I can't spend time with my bestfriend" he said wrapping his arms around my neck. I pried his arms off of me. I knew he was pouting with that puppy face of his. "Not when you scared the shit out of me, you can't" "Chanieeeee!!!!!" He used his aegyo. "Baekieeee!!!" I copied him as he slapped me on the shoulder. I groaned and rubbed my shoulder. I turned towards him with a scowl on my face. "Aww come on Chanie, I only did it for the fun in games." Said Beakhyun as he backed away. I stood up and stepped closer to him. That was when he took off running away from me and me chasing after him like a cat does with a mouse. When he entered the living room, he tripped over the coffee table. And I followed after him. In what seemed like slow motion but wasn't really. He fell on his back onto the floor and I fell on top of him with our lips touching each other. We both stared at each other with wide eyes. As I pulled apart from him, I wasn't able to move an inch. I could feel my heart beating fast as I was on all fours hovering over him. "Baek-" "Shh" he said and pulled me closer to him again as he placed his lips back on mine. But this time his arms were wrapped around my neck and his eyes were closed. I stared at him while we liplocked. I could taste a sweet honey off of his lips. His tongue glide across my bottom lip as he asked for entrance. I slowly opened my mouth as his tongue play against mine. What seem like a life time for me, I could feel my eyes shut and enjoying myself in the kiss. I fought against him in dominance as he granted it to me. My hand slide up under his shirt as his fingers curled into my hair. I could feel his legs wrapping around my waist as he dry humping against me. When his throbbing memeber rubbed against mine, I could feel myself getting hard. I broke the kiss and trailed sloppy kisses down his jawline to his neck has he pants. I nipped at a sweet spot, I heard a moan coming from him. "Chanyeol" he moaned. "Stop teasing" he said between pants. Not moving my mouth from his neck. I was able to pick both of us up off the floor and head to our room. Shutting the door behind me and landing both of us on the first bed, I came in contact with, I started removing Baek's shirt off of him as he did the same with mine. Our lips meet several times as we both undo each other pants and sliding them off. I slowly moved my hand under his boxer as I stroke his excited member. With a couple more strokes, I removed his boxers and watching his throbbing member spring to life. Baekhyun removed my boxers and switched our postions as he was on top of me. He leaned his mouth closer to my member and filled his mouth with my member. His head bobbed up and down as he used his tongue and a little bit of teeth to do wonders on my member. He did a few more bobbs, swriling his tongue around and ended up deep throating me. My pants and moans combined as I was getting close. "Baek I'm abo--" I started to say but he removed his mouth and switch our postions again. "I want you inside me Chaniee" he moaned in my ear. I placed a kiss on his lips and trailed down his body as I thrust my finger in him. I heard him gasp as I kept adding fingers to stretch him out. When I thought he was stretched out enough. I thrusted my saliva coated member into him. His walls tighten around my member as it made it more pleasurable for me as I waited for his say. With a nod, I slowly rolled my hips against him. His moans, his lip bitting, his hands roaming all around my back as I pleasure both of us made me feel excited and have butterflies in my stomach. I picked up the pace as he started moaning my name. I used one of my hands to strock his member that was rubbing against my abs. I could feel my climax as I thrust in a couple of times. On the last thrust, I thrusted hard making him scream my name as he and I both cum at the same time. His cum was dripping off of my abs. I dip my finger into his cum and brought it to my mouth. I could taste the sweetness of his cum on my taste buds. I looked into his eyes and smiled at him. "What?" He asked, looking into my eyes. I smirked. "Can we go again?"
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