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Hey guys. I want to say sorry for not doing my girl group of the week and for not posting the GOTW stuff.
I know it seems like I have a million excuses, and it might seem like I'm lying, or it may seem like I just want attention, but please hear me out.
We had a series of bad storms where I live and a lot of people didn't have internet. We still haven't gotten ours back at my mom's house (I'm using the internet at my dad's rn), so it's been a challenge with using the computer. My mom is also trying to switch companies for wifi, so that also sucks.
I've also been having some other things going on that have kept me distracted. I've been trying to handle them, but some days I just can't get happy or motivated.
I just want to say sorry to everyone. I know I promised to have the girl group of the week thing going on, and I know that I need to do more for GOTW, so I really want to apologize for not keeping my word and not doing my part for GOTW.
I will be at my dad's all weekend, so hopefully I can catch up on everything. Also, I'm moving girl group of the week to next week, assuming that the wifi will be fixed. Girl's Day will still be the girl group of the week since they weren't featured this week.
Again, I want to apologize to everyone about not keeping my word. I will try to post some GOTW things tonight so I won't be behind.
Once again, I'm really sorry for not posting my things. Please look forward to my future cards. Love you guys
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stuff happens, if you aren't able to post sometimes, it's okay. we're behind you 100 percent! also I completely am on the same page with other issues interfering with motivation, happiness, etc and it affecting what you do on your phone (or you could be like me and sometimes barely get on it). don't force yourself to do GOTW some weeks if you just can't. you need to look out for you first. we'll be here ready and waiting for you to come back with open arms and smiles~
don't worry about it ^^ as long as your safe and back take all time if needed vingle misses you
like @Bwolfgirl said we are here for you. Take your time to catch up.
Don't worry take your time!!:)