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Well I still officially hate depression. I've got it so bad I can't sometimes function at work or school. I got to my second class(I have four classes BTW) today and I just randomly broke down and started crying. So I went home early. I even went home early at work once. I'm currently on a waiting list for free therapy who knows how long it'll take. I try to fight it but everyday I'm told by myself to kill yourself. Those thoughts are really hard to ignore. I don't know what happened I was doing fine for 2 weeks not crying over every little thing or crying for no reason or having negative thoughts. This battle is very hard. Literally at war with your own thoughts is probably one of the hardest things. Like I need major help.
keep your head up Unnie~ I loves you remember that ❤ we all loves you.❤ Don't give up! ❤❤
Hang in there. I know all to well what you're dealing with. I know how hard it is to keep going. I really hope the therapy can happen soon for you and you can get the help you need. Keep fighting. *hugs*
Awe bebe. I'm sorry. Please don't give up your battle. You are so strong. we are here for you
I've dealt with chronic depression's not fun at all....if you need to talk, feel free to message me!
I also forgot to mention this random stranger came to talk to me and made sure I'm okay but like 10 people passed me and said nothing. @AimeeH @AbbyRamey
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