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1. The woman on the Blink-182 album was arrested this year, and this is what her mugshot looked like 2. The Backstreet Boys celebrated their 19th anniversary. 3. AIM (just about) died 4. The cast of “Full House” reunited for their 25TH ANNIVERSARY 5. The original Gerber Baby sassed up the “Today” show 6. “The Mighty Ducks” movie turned 20 7. Brad Pitt turned 50 8. Kids born today will have no idea what these taste like source: http://www.espressogossip.com/articles/view/130/page:23
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@JohnLee I think I used AIM..just MSN messenger haha @cheerfulcallie things just change much more quickly than before I guess :(
Now i'm depressed
@shoenami Aw don't be. Growin' up ain't that bad :)
AIM was so simpe and easy to use... AOL has been horrendous at staying at top of the industry
I will never know the taste of those either......they dont sell 'em in Korea (T_T)