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For our last outing of the summer, Fiza and I took a trip out to Caumsett State Park. I had not visited the park in years, so the visit was something I needed to get out of my system before heading back to school. This truly signals the end of my summer, one that did not last long enough. And I say that only because I can only think about cold weather chilling me to the bone, plus short & dark days. It is a bit depressing. I love the way more hours of sunlight keep me going throughout the day. With that tangent aside, the weather during our outing was beautiful. It took a brief 2 mile walk to get to the beach on Long Island's north shore. Most of our trips have involved beaches this summer, which I believe is suitable for school vacations. I promise to have more Manhattan-related posts once I am back in the big city. But if you ever are visiting NY and want to get away from the hustle & bustle, you know where to go! Exploring Long Island is making me want to stay home. There is nothing more that I can say other than this was a perfect outing. I plan to come again with my bike, family, and a picnic ready for the beach. I will say to watch out for the people– they are not the kindest. Then again this is NY. On a brighter and lighter note NY weather has been consistently pleasant. I should stop talking about weather... it really is an obsession. I will post again once I am back in NYC! Enjoy the last few days of summer vacation :) and check out my more photos on my blog:
looks so fun
nice journal !!
Love those travel photos of yours ! I definitely would looks more into your photo blog