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Enjoy this new fan fiction! I apologize for long delay, internet keeps switching on and off. On top of that I'm currently dealing with a broken ankle, but don't worry I fixed both the problems currently healing yay! ~(⁰▿⁰)~
Lily was about to head home. The streets were silent. She didn't feel right, everything was so new and strange. Lily dropped her phone, but didn't even notice until she stopped to buy something. Lily sighed as she's already had a stressful day. Seven guys approach the food stand that she's standing by. "Can we please have seven more," one of the guys said. Lily couldn't believe it was the seven guys she had idoled. Not for their fame or fortune, but for their personalities. Jungkook handed Lily her phone and smiled. Namjoon and Jin are giving the members their food. Jimin gives Lily her share of the food that Namjoon had bought for them all. Taehyung and Hoseok ate happily while smiling at her. Yoongi handed Lily the wallet she had dropped as well. Lily was speechless, motionless too. Lily tried speaking, but no words came out. "Don't worry about paying us back," Namjoon says as all the members smile at Lily. Lily exchanges phone numbers with all the members and they all head to the dorm. Lily wasn't sure about it, but she really didn't want to walk all the way back home. Jimin offered her tea and so did Jin. Namjoon and Hoseok offered her their sweater or a blanket. Lily felt so special to them, but she knew this would be a one time opportunity. "So you all have very amazing voices in your songs," Lily says as she smiles at them all. They all look at her a bit shocked. Yoongi walks to Lily looking at her with a stern look on his face, "you're a fan?" Lily smiles, "yeah, but I swear I won't go crazy or tell anyone about this." They all smile.
The following morning, it was raining in Seoul. Lily had just woken up. Jimin had let her sleep with him. Lily felt a bit embarrassed, but she was happy. What a lucky opportunity that was. Lily smiled and checked her phone. "Thank goodness I have nothing to do today," Lily says as she lays back down. Lily hears the sounds of pots and plates hitting up against each other. She gets up and she goes to check. Jin and Namjoon were already up making breakfast. Yoongi was rubbing his eyes as he walked to the shower. Hoseok smiled, "good morning jagi!" Lily got startled by it and she giggled. Hoseok laughed and apologized to Lily. Lily didn't mind at all she actually felt more awake now. "Hobi don't worry now I don't need coffee," Lily said as she laughed. Hoseok laughed and went to fix his hair. Taehyung was barely waking up as he wobbled over and hugged Lily. Jungkook was yawning as he stepped out of his room and sat on the couch. For a moment the dorm was silent, until Yoongi came out of the shower, "usually I'm the only quiet one around here." They all laughed. Lily smiled as she felt lucky to have accidentally met these seven amazing guys. Maybe she wouldn't be stressed anymore with these guys as her friends. Lily giggled, "I'm happy we accidentally met." All the boys laughed. Namjoon smiled, "this moment was supposed to happen if it actually happened Lily." Yoongi messed with his hair and Hoseok laughed. Jin smiled at Lily and so did Namjoon. Taehyung and Jungkook were smiling at Lily too. Jimin had this sneaky look, but with his cute smile. Had this meeting really been an accident?

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