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Here we have the Guilty Crown Challenge brought to us by @NeoNinjaRaiden Although I still have 2 episodes till I finish I figured I could do this part now since I know all the characters. Day 1 and Day 2 will both be in this card and those questions were, Who is my favorite Male and Female characters of the show. Well here they are!
I'll start with my favorite male character, Makoto Waltz Segai! Yes yes, I know he's a bad guy and comes off some what creepy but he reminds me of Hisoka from HxH. He likes talking and playing games with people although he is sadistic and very manipulative if others. He stays calm even in his most dire situations, and he treats everything like a game but is always serious! Of everyone in the show he is the only one that didn't royally piss me off!
As for the girls my favorite is this little gem, Tsugumi! Code named "Black Swan" she is the Funeral Parlors hacker who is in charge of information regarding all warfare! She also controls the little robot Funell that roams around. Plus she has an awesome void that can make a life like copy of her or anyone, we could find some..."interesting" uses for that little tool! And yes I'm talking about perverted uses lol!
Here are some Honorable Mentions!! For the guys: Argo Tsukishima Oogumo For the girls: Hare Menjou Ayase Shinomiya
Join this challenge if you have not! If you have yet to watch this anime, give it a shot!
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