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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 6 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Y/N's POV Your moans filled the bathroom as you felt Haneul's hands tease your breast through your tank top. Zico had pulled your shorts down a long time ago and his lips were showing attention to your thighs. Haneul tugged at the straps from your tank top until he could move them down your shoulders to reveal your chest. Haneul's lips met your neck before he whispered into your ear, "No bra Y/N? Did you want this?" he said. His low voice was causing you to inhale slowly, bite your lip and hum your moan. Haneul's fingers stretched across each breast messaging them slowly. Bouncing them up and down and then his fingers caught your nipple between them. You let out another moan. "Damn it Y/N you're so sexy." Zico said. His fingers adjusted your panties and simultaneously Zico began to lick you up while Haneul's mouth came down on a nipple to suck. You let a pleasured cry feeling both sensations at the same time. Zico's slow licks became hungrier as he kissed your clit with purpose. Haneul bit down on your nipple making you arch your back. Your hand laced through Zico's blonde hair and your other hand went through Haneul's brown hair. More moans escaped your mouth while part of you wanted to beg them to stop, the other half was enjoying feeling their mouths on you. "I wonder which one she wants inside more." Haneul said looking down at Zico. "I'm sure she wants me." Zico said looking up. "I think she wants me." Haneul said. He turned your face to look at him then he kissed you. You felt Zico's tongue return and shallowly dip inside you, causing you to moan in Haneul's mouth. Your moans should've been muffled but they seemed louder than before. You heard a popping sound come from below as you felt Zico come off your clit. The way he basically shooed Haneul off of you so that he could give you a kiss made your heart rate pick up just slightly. His lips came down on yours kissing you hard and deep making you hold onto him to keep your balance. Haneul's lips went back to your neck and you felt weak. Your moans kept coming from you like a song. "You want me right Y/N?" Zico said. "No you want me, right?" Haneul said. "Y/N. Y/N. Y/N!" Haneul's voice became louder and clearer. You opened your eyes to find his hand on your stomach shaking you awake. Jihoon was next to you and Haneul was knelt down beside you. You looked at him shocked, you had a thin layer of sweat on your shoulders. You were slightly panting, you moved your legs and could feel the wetness that had built up. It was a dream. "What's going on with you Y/N?" Jihoon asked. You looked at him, "Did I come sleep with you last night?" you asked him. He nodded. "Y/N." Haneul said gaining your attention again. "There was a thunder storm last night remember, so you came in here." Haneul refreshed your memory. "Oh right. I-I'm going to go take a shower." you said and hopped off the bed quickly. Both Jihoon and Haneul called after you but neither one followed when you didn't answer. You headed right into the shower and turned on the cold water. The memory of their hands all over you and Zico's mouth working below wouldn't go away. Your body was still hot and it seemed like the cold water did nothing for you. It had been two weeks since both boys confessed they wanted you. Haneul kept his composure in front of the group but when you two were alone his hands were all over you. When he kissed you, he'd ask if you wanted him, if you were going to choose him, if you loved him. His body was screaming for you and you wouldn't let him have you. However, he had gone as far as sucking on your breast. It happened twice when you let yourself fall a little too deep but then you'd stop him. He'd groan because you made him stop and you knew he wanted more but he respected your wishes. His hands on you felt magical, compared to that of Zico's whose lips had you feeling like a sinner. His hands were always searching for your thighs gripping at them hard enough to get you to gasp and then his mouth would attack your neck. Both boys drove you crazy, you had gotten to know Zico a bit more and Haneul didn't like that you two had gotten closer. He'd see you two talking in the hall over coffee and laughing together. He'd see the way he touched your hair and looked at you with eyes filled with lust. He watched the way he you held your body when you let him dance with you. He hated all of it but just the same Zico hated how Haneul and you were so comfortable with each other. He'd come up from behind you and hug you. He hated how you called him sexy, granted that was a running joke between you and the other members of the group. He hated that you went back to the dorm with him, his imagination making him think that he'd slept with you multiple times but you never let him go that far. Zico was still unaware of your virginity. The fact that you had never been touched was always something you could care less about. Your life was spent bouncing from one rapper crush to another. You were far more focused on building a music career with Jihoon than you were about getting laid. Both these boys seemed to be talking bodies and you had no idea how to speak the language. You felt bad because they wanted you to choose and you couldn't. You didn't know if you wanted to be with Zico or if you wanted to be with Haneul. Haneul was sexy, he had a deep voice he was an amazing rapper, you loved his eyes and he was strong but he could be sensitive too. The down side to Haneul was that he got upset at certain things you did. These were things even as a single person it made him upset but you just couldn't help it, it was who you were. He didn't like that you snuck into their hotel room while he was sleeping to sleep next to Jihoon. He didn't like that you were loud in the morning. He didn't like that you didn't have a problem showing off your body even though your stomach was the most you showed. Once you wore skin tight short shorts and he told Jihoon to let you have his jacket so you could tie it around your waist. Things like this made you think that he saw you more as a little sister than as a woman. The way he kissed you though, it was just...hard to say what you felt. Zico was different but being with him meant he'd have to get used to how you did certain things. You stayed up late working on songs, you danced consistently. You hung around guys all the time and how would he deal with the fact that you lived in a dorm with all men and one of those men had feelings for you? You scratched at your head grumbling. Why did they have to come out and say something like that? You were happier not knowing anything not to mention your body wanted more of their hands, more of their lips. Your dreams were becoming more vivid and you could feel everything. The throbbing between your legs came back as you recalled everything that happened. They wanted you to choose but you couldn't because so much was at risk with this. Haneul said he'd be fine but you didn't believe him for a second. He'd suppress what he felt for the sake of making you feel comfortable. Doing that would only come back to bite you in the ass. Zico didn't have much to lose, if you said no to him then he'd be fine. You two didn't have attachments that deep but you hated to admit that you really liked him. You liked him a lot and there were times you felt yourself pulling more towards him. You tried to pull back because of Haneul, because even if he said he would put the group first you couldn't trust that things wouldn't become awkward. You couldn't trust that the group wouldn't fall apart because of you. The bathroom door opened and Jihoon called your name. "Y/N what's going on with you?" he said. "What do you mean?" you said. "Well what ever dream you were having it sounded very- sexual." he said. You blushed and slightly screamed at him saying that. How much had they hear, what did you say in your sleep? What the hell was going on with you? "Ji ji I don't want to talk about it okay." You poked your head out from behind the shower curtain. "Just get out please." you said. Jihoon sighed shaking his head. He stepped forward and you stepped back with the curtain still guarding you. He stuck his hand in to touch the water and felt how cold it was. "You'll get sick like that. Turn the hot water on Y/N." "I'm fine Ji-" He stepped up into your face making you stop. "I know when you're lying and your leaving evidence behind that's far more obvious than you want it to be. Turn on the hot water Y/N before you get sick. It's my job to take care of you." he said. He smiled and then backed up and sat on the top of the toilet like he used to do back home. He'd sit there and talk to you while you showered and he brushed his teeth. As long as he didn't look you were okay and he'd always toss you your towel so you could wrap up behind the shower curtain to get out just in case he wasn't finished with what he was doing. It was clear he was going to make sure you turned the water to a warmer temperature so you turned it to hot. The way the warmth from the water surrounded you brought you back to the boys in your dream. "Jihoon get out please." you said. "What, are you going to touch yourself?" he laughed. "Stop saying idiotic shit Ji!" you yelled as you poked your head back out to give him a scowl. Jihoon looked at you and laughed. "Two rappers want you and you can't decide which one you want huh? Have you told them how frustrated you're getting?" "Ji." you said softly almost whining about the fact that he knew. Figures that Jihoon knew, he knew everything about you. He was more protective of you than Haneul was. You two spent your whole lives together, it just made sense. Still, you wished he wouldn't acknowledge that he knew, you wished you didn't know. You sighed and sat down in the tub, the hot water hitting you and your arms wrapping around your body. "I don't know what to do." you said. "Well Haneul is a smart guy if you don't like him and you make it clear to him that you don't like him then he'll eventually move on. Zico seems smart and mature I'm sure he'll get over it too if you don't choose him. Or is it that you just like having all these men fawn over you?" he said. "You know it's not like that." you said. "Then why won't you decide? What's holding you back? Let me tell you Y/N, the longer you let this go on the closer you'll get to destroying the world around you. If you can't choose between one or the other than say no to both of them." "They'll just keep trying, they'll keep touching me and-" "Have you slept with them?" Jihoon said. The tone in his voice made you feel like he was going to punch Haneul the moment he saw him. You poked your head out again. "Jihoon-" "How are they touching you? Are they forcing themselves on you?" "Jihoon no! They just touch me but if I say no they stop they don't do more than I let them." He settled down annoyed that they would touch you anyway. He knew how nervous you got. He touched you once like that but it was for the music video. He knew how you felt about it though. He knew you mostly got nervous and scared. "Look Ji ji I know this is trouble but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I like them both but I don't know how to separate my feelings for them as men and my feelings for them as friends. Zico has basically become my mentor and I have a lot of fun with him and Haneul is my best friend-" "Hey." "One of my best friends." you corrected with a small smile. "I've never fallen in love, you know that Jihoon. A few weeks isn't enough for me to decide something like this." You stood up, the hot water being enough for you. You were already washed up and cleaned so you stopped the water and wrung out your wash cloth. You saw your towel being flung over the top of the shower curtains. "Thank you." You said. You dried yourself off before stepping out from behind the curtains. The towel strategically tied around you so that nothing was showing. Jihoon looked at you and patted your head. "Bugs you're too innocent. Those guys will eat you up if you're not careful. I know it might be fun to get that kind of attention but you need to choose one or tell them both you don't want them. There's no other way around it." Jihoon said. "I know. Now get out so I can get dressed." you said. He chuckled and kissed your forehead before pushing his hand in his pocket and using the other to open the door and leave you alone. You wasted no time in getting dressed and you headed out into the kitchen. Haneul looked up at you, his eyes glued to you looking you up and down. "You're wearing that?" he asked. You didn't bother looking at him. "Yup." you said casually. You went into the fridge to grab two water bottles and you said to the boys. "I'm going to the practice room." "Y/N maybe you should take it easy. You're working too hard." Jihoon said. "Nope I'm good. You know it helps me anyway. Besides I won't have much time to practice alone tomorrow. The concert is getting closer. The more we practice with Block B the better but the more I practice alone is twice as good." you said. You winked at him and headed for the door. As far as you knew Hae-il was still asleep and Heechul was playing a video game in their room. Haneul followed you to the door stopping you from opening it. He pressed himself close to you his hot breath against your neck and his hand gently resting on your hip. "Are you really going to go see him dressed like that?" he asked. You turned to face him, "Haneul I'm going to practice I'm not going to see Zico. Besides there is nothing wrong with what I'm wearing you only have a problem with it now because he said he liked me." you said. "He likes your thighs Y/N. He'll be coming after you faster than a shark hunting for its prey." "I'm not going to see him. You're making this harder for me Haneul-" "It's not hard just choose me." "You can't say that when you're not in my position. You both keep saying choose me, choose me and I can't because I want you both. That's confusing to me Haneul, it's confusing because anytime you're this close to me I want your hands all over me and anytime he's this close to me I want his lips all over me. I can not base this solely off my physical attraction but both of you are only fueling that side of me. It's not my heart falling for you it's my body and that is making it hard to choose. So I'm going to go and dance by myself so I can start to figure this all out is that okay with you?" you said. You had started off trying to explain yourself but you got angry by the end. You could see it in his eyes though, he was begging you not to choose Zico over him. "Okay." He whispered. You breathed, the sound of his voice pulled at your heart. You reacted without thinking and kissed him. Surely it was a mistake, before you had even choosen between the two men but it was like you lost control. He kissed you back showing you how hungry he was for you. He wanted you and that broke your heart while it heated your body. You pulled away from him and hurried out the door without another word said. You made sure to avoid Zico when you came in, right now you didn't want to deal with him. Your body was still on fire. Damn that kiss. Not to mention you had been dancing to sexy music. Jay Park's aquaman came on your phone and you were dancing to it with a little giggle here and there. Zico had slipped into the practice room and made his way to the couch and sat down to watch you dance. You made it your mission not to falter in front of him and to bot stop dancing. His eyes were on you, watching every moment, every body roll, every step you took.... his eyes were on you. He finally stood up and you thought he was leaving but he made his way to your phone and paused the song. You stopped while panting and looking at him. He licked his lips and you could feel yourself tighten up a bit. You stepped back and he said, "Do it again baby girl." The term of endearment threw you off slightly. You looked at him confused. He looked back down at your phone and replayed Jay Park's song. Zico nodded along with the beat, you were slightly cautious but you redid the dance you came up with anyway. Again he watched you with dark eyes, how your legs moved, how you dipped down, how your body rolled, every thing you did his eyes were soaking in. They were trained on you and weren't meant to move. He joined you in the dance for a moment until he was finally able to situate himself just right behind you. His hands moved to your hips as you both swayed back and forth but at this point you were having too much fun dancing to stop him. His lips met your neck in a quick kiss that made you laugh from the tickle. He spun you around and lead you in the dance till the song ended. After that he let you go, leaving you to wonder why. You stopped your phone from continuing to look at him. "Were you hoping for more baby girl?" he smirked. You crossed your arms, "Zico you're dangerous." "I know but it's important to got after what you want the most. What I want is you." he said. "Zico-I've never... been with a man. In any sense of the word and you and Haneul are asking me to choose but I'm scared." He stepped forward to wrap his arms around you. "Scared of what?" "If I choose between you two someone is going to get hurt. I've analyzed this as much as I can but it's unavoidable. So I feel like I'm meant to pick the lesser of two evils." you said. "Y/N why are you picking with your brain? Just because it logically makes sense doesn't mean it'll emotionally make sense. I'm in to you and you can learn everything there is to learn about me if you want but if you don't feel the same way then what's the point? We're asking you to choose in the hopes that you have feelings for one of us not because it makes sense. So with that being said just be honest with yourself, how do you feel about me?" "I don't know." you said. "Let me help you decide." he said. He dipped his head down and caught your lips and kissed you slow. It was unfamiliar to you when it came to Zico. His kisses were normally hungry, fast, deep and wild. He made it deeper but still slow leaving you moaning into his mouth for more. His hand made its way to your hair and he played in it. His other hand that was wrapped around your body came down to your butt then your thighs making you lean into him. He was hard, you could feel it on your leg. He peppered kisses down your chin and to your neck and you let out little moans in the form of his name. "Do you want me Y/N?" he said looking up at you. Your eyes must've been just as dark as his. Just from that kiss, he had your body screaming 'take me.' You still weren't sure though because you could hear the voice in the back of your head asking 'what about Haneul?' He looked at you for a second and seeing that you couldn't answer just yet he kissed you again. His hand gripped tighter at your thigh his nails biting into the smooth flesh. His lips were fantastic, the taste of them, his chest against yours. You remembered how his mouth worked below in your dream and you partly wanted to know if he could do the same. You ended up pushing away just as the door to the practice room opened. You were panting and your lips were swollen. Haneul had walked in with a grave look on his face. "Get out " He directed towards Zico. "Haneul?" you said lightly and appalled. The next person to walk in was Jihoon who's eyes fell on you quickly. His eyes were wet and you were confused. "What's going on?" You asked. "Y/N I need to talk to you, can you come out here?" Jihoon said. "No. Tell me in here." "I don think you should hear this in front of company." Jihoon said. That made you nervous, what was going on? You stepped deeper into the room. "What is it Ji just say it?" you said. He sighed seeing you weren't going to budge or perhaps he wasn't in the mood to fight you on it. "Y/N your mom called...Yoojung was out with some friends last night- Um." Jihoon stopped. He looked at you with even wetter eyes. Your body began to shake, your brother, the one you were closest with because you two were closer in age. He was out with his friends so what? Why was he like this? What happened? "Y/N, Yoojung was at a party and- a few guys had guns...Yoojung was shot- he didn't make it." Jihoon finished. Zico looked at you trying to see how you'd take it. You could see the look of pain in his eyes. You looked at Haneul who was looking down at the ground and then to Jihoon who had a tear rolling down his face. You shook your head. "You're lying." you said. "Y/N." Jihoon called to you. He stepped forward to hug you and you shifted back pushing him away from you. "Y/N." he called. You grabbed your phone and called Yoojung's phone. It went to voice mail, you hung up and called again. Voicemail. Again. Voicemail. "Y/N please stop." Haneul said walking up to you. "He's going to answer." you said calling again. "Y/N, he's not going to answer babe. Look at me." Haneul said. You looked at the phone, "Look at me." Haneul said. He lifted your chin to look you in the eyes. He looked so hurt to see you hurt. "I'm so sorry." he said. "He's not going to call me back?" you said your voice cracking. He shook his head and you nodded. "Get out." you said. "Y/N." Jihoon said hurt and almost pleading. "I want to be alone, I need to finish practicing." you said. "Y/N you need to come home. You need-" Jihoon started out until you cut him off. "I need to practice Jihoon. Nothing is more important than NTERNational right now. Nothing." You looked to both Zico and Haneul, both men looking at you with pity. "I'm not going to choose. I'm not, so stop the damn competition and stop looking at me with that pitiful expression. People die and life moves on." "Y/N stop it." Jihoon begged you. "Get out. I need to practice." You said. You plugged your phone back up and let the music play loudly in the room and you danced......
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awwww cmon man not a family death.. this hit me so hard I lost my real brother the same way.. *crying hard* 😫😭😭😭😭
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it's okay.. just hit me.. I feel her pain I was in denial just like that..
Oh of those boys needs to just grab her and hold her tight......and not let go
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