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Now on to some poetry inspired by kpop groups we do each week. Usually I'll do acrostic poems, but sometimes I'll throw in other types. This week happens to be special in that it's my longest acrostic to date, since I used the group name and each idol's stage name as well. I hope you enjoy :)
Hard working idols
Amazing young artists
Lively and friendly
Open your hearts to them
Don't worry about crazy numbers
It's an easy group of six
No plans for more or less
Oppas in this idol group
It's not hard to fall for these boys
Not when they work so hard for their fans
Happy as can be to do it too
And it's clear as day
Every encounter with fans is so positive
No matter their long days practicing
Getting better and working harder just for you
Okay is not enough
Or rather not acceptable to them
Only the best for their fans
Not bad qualities to have
Just look at their smiling faces
And say you aren't happy as well
Even a little
You'd be hard pressed not to
Or you could listen to their music and just
Notice the talent they have
Great just begins to cover it
HALO is just as good as
Every other group out
Even better than some if you ask their fans
Check out their videos
Hear their live and recorded work
Enjoy it along with us
Or you'll miss out on some great idols
Nevermind some great people
You'll not regret falling for these boys
Or the love and time you spend
On videos and merchandise
Not when they're such sweet and great guys
Don't give up on the fact that they're underrated
Or that there are fewer fans to share in the love
Now go out and share the love
Go and enjoy another wonderful kpop group
It's not great, but I like to play around with words and writing. And especially love to improve with my writing, so I figure practice will help with that.
I'd love to hear your thoughts - positive, negative, neutral, and everything in between - on this poem.
Also do you have any poems, acrostic or otherwise, you want to share or make for HALO? Share them in the comments or tag me in the card!
Otherwise, until the next card, have a great day, week, and weekend~