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"Am I a stalker?" You ask, your eyes watching as Taemin moved gracefully. His moves were sharp and precise but still had a sense of elegance while he pulled off the most difficult dance moves. Today was like any other day with you peaking through a small window into the practice room, basically stalking your boyfriend. "Yes." your bestfriend Seo Woo remarked blatantly but her hazel eyes glowed with amusement. "You and Taemin have been dating for 2 months now! Why can't you just go in there instead of peaking through a tiny window like a stalker! It's not like you are a complete stranger to him!" Seo Woo did have a point but you couldn't help but feel like you would be intruding on his precious practice time. Taemin has been training for years in hopes of one day becoming an idol. His dream was to create music and master the art of dance. In no means was Taemin a horrendous dancer but he never felt like he was good enough so he would lock himself inside a practice room whenever he was not at school or spending time with you. Worry would chew on your insides every time you thought about Taemin over doing it but you couldn't build up the nerve to just waltz right in there and pull him out. "I don't want to intrude on him! You defended and began playing with your fingers like they were the most interesting thing in the world to avoid the eyes of your frustrated bestfriend. "You know how important his practices are to him!"
Seo Woo stared at you for a moment with a blank expression and the silence frightened you deeply. After 8 years of friendship, you knew her like you know the back of your own hand. If she was silent something was incredibly wrong or she was about to smack someone she deemed incredibly stupid. "Ouch!" Turns out you were right, call it a bestfriends' intuition. A hard hand met the back of your head with a loud smack. The impact caused you to slightly jolt forward and slight pain consumed your head. "What was that for?!" Crying out softly to make sure Taemin, or anyone else for that matter, didn't hear you out in the hallway, rubbing the sore spot on the back of your now throbbing head.
"Smacking someone who I deem incredibly stupid!" Wow, you were spot on. "His practices may be important but so are you to him!" Frustration was laced inside of her voice and you could understand why but you were just to scared. What would happen if Taemin got mad at you for interrupting and he just broke up with you. The humiliation and heartbreak would just be too much to bare and a cold sweat broke out onto your body like a humongous ocean wave. "That's it!" And with that, an iron grasp casted itself upon your wrist before pushing you inside the room with brute force.
The door slamming open startled Taemin and he watched with wide eyes while his girlfriend fell onto her behind through the door frame. The sound of running became the only thing audible as he raced over to you after pausing the music. "__ are you ok?" A pale hand was extended infront of your face with the intention of pulling you up so you took it to get off the dirty floor. Everything you did was ungraceful unlike Taemin, causing you to bump face first into his lean chest. Of course like the quick boy he was, Taemin stabilized you before you could do anymore damage to yourself. Your poor nose! "Woah there! Did you miss me that much?" he teased before wrapping you in his arms in a tight hug. Both arms were wrapped around your waist gently but securely, and a light peck was casted on top of your head easily. Being so much taller than you, because you barely reached his shoulder, the task was easy and effortlessly done. "I missed you so much" Whispering it just enough for him to hear, you take in his lovely scent greedily because you didn't know when would be the next time you were wrapped inside of the arms of the man you loved. Yes, loved. You loved Taemin with all of your heart that it could be painful sometimes.
It might have been whispered but Taemin heard you loud and clear, guilt knawing on his heart. He knew that you barely saw each other because he was always so busy with class work, vocal lessons, and dance practices. Being a student at a performing arts academy was definitely not an easy task and he was always swamped with work. No matter how badly he wanted to just ditch and spend the whole day with you, there was work to be done and you had your own priorities as well. A hand lighty went up and down your spine and chill bumps graced themselves on your skin from the pleasant sensation. "How about we go eat dinner tonight and maybe go for a movie. I think I can endure your love for Lee Jong Suk for tonight." Taemin teased, the hot breath from his mouth tickling your ear. A giggle released itself from your mouth and you pushed yourself out of his arms to look him in his eyes. Those big brown eyes stared back mischievously and with glee almost like Taemin stole a big box of banana milk. You swear he had an unhealthy addiction to banana milk. It still to this day surprises you how much he can drink, also because you couldn't stand bananas. The flavor and texture are just too slimy. Yuck!
Suddenly you were snapped out of your happy mood when a thought intruded your brain. You casted your head down and started playing with your fingers, a nervous habit Taemin knew all to well. "What's wrong __? Did something happen?" he questioned, now patting the crown of your head lovingly. For a moment you just couldn't get the words out. It felt as if an invisible hand was holding your tongue to keep you from responding. Your chin was pulled up and a light peck graced itself on your lips. "If you don't want to tell me it's fine but just know you can talk to me whenever ok __?" Something about this sentence made you lose control of your tongue and so you told him what has been on your mind for the past few weeks. "It's just that you've been so focused on dancing and I don't want to distract yoy from your dream. I dont want to interrupt because I know how much it means to you. It's just that I miss you..." You tried to blink away the tears but a lone tear escaped but before you could wipe it away, Taemin dried it with the sleeve of his gray hoodie. His brown eyes had a glimpse of guilt and saddness inside of them, his heart dying a little inside at the sight of you crying. "I want to clear this up right here and right now. __, you will never be a 'distraction' to me so I want you to get that through your head. I know I've been busy and that we have barely seen each other lately. How about we go see a movie tonight? I'm done with my classes and I think my girlfriend is more important to me than one dance practice." A smile broke out onto your lips and you nodded your head with eagerness. After what felt like years but was really only a few weeks, Taemin and you were finally getting to spend time with each other. Happily you hugged him around the neck with much eagerness, your smile was so big that you were worried your face would split but you didn't care at the moment. "Hey jagiya?" "Yeah?"
"What happened when you came in? One minute everything is quiet and the next you fall through the door?" His eyes were curious, remembering how you ungracefully fell onto the floor. Heat rose from you cheeks and so you couldnt help but try to hide your face. Finding the courage you had confessed that you were too scared to interrupt his practice and so you were watching him through the window for the past week. "Does that make me a stalker?" "Yes but you're my stalker." Taemin teased, wrapping you in his arms once again while his chest shook with a light chuckle. "You're laughing at me aren't you..." "Just a little bit..." THE END!!
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This is very cute and fluffy.