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Hello everyone! Its Melissa here to share some more of HALO.
Today, we'll be viewing lyric video of HALO's song. We will also be viewing live performance of HALO.
we are viewing first HALO Feels So Good lyric video. I could only find this one lyric video. There are some MVS that are subbed but That's different.
HALO live performance of Fever. This song is their debut. Its actually pretty good song, and the dance is cute.
HALO live performance of Feel So Good. This is one of my favorite songs from HALO.
HALO live performance of While you're sleeping. This is kind of different. Its a slower pace kind of song.
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Such a cute looking group!!!!And is one of the member's names Ooon????
yes, Ooon is the leader. I know, its a unique name, right?